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Free Fire Booyah Signup Rewards December 2021

Garena Free Fire is celebrating the Booyah Day event with new and exclusive rewards for players to claim! Although the event started on December 1, there have already been seasonal rewards available for this festive time of year. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top reward day in Free Fire Booyah signup rewards 2021 which you can claim until the event ends.

Garena is known for introducing exciting new events with unique and exclusive rewards which you can claim by completing certain missions and milestones. Booyah Day events will feature on Free Fire till December 28th. We’ll take a look at the peak day rewards, missions, free character and more for Free Fire Booyah rewards 2021.

Free Fire Booyah Signup Rewards December 2021

Players can obtain the following rewards while the Free Fire Booyah events 2021 goes on:

  1. Skyler Character 
skyler character in game details
Skyler in Free Fire

Free fire character Skyler is the perfect aquatic CEO for new players. His active ability, Riptide Rhythm, causes a sonic wave to emanate from his technology causing 5 of gloo walls to be destroyed within 50 metre range and immediately regrowing on their own at their base levels (4 HP per wall) .

  1. Dbee Character
De bee is inculded in free fire booyah rewards 0f december 2021
D-Bee in Free Fire

D-Bee is meant for players who have an aggressive style of gameplay. Since both the speed and the accuracy are boosted, players will kill enemies while moving around with relative ease. Beginners who have difficulty hitting their targets may want to try playing as D-Bee anyway since its special ability helps to improve their focus and makes them a lot more accurate in battle.

4. Star Bundle of New Year

Free Fire is giving also this Female Star Bundle of New Year with other rewards. The color of this female bundle is green and it looks very pretty.

  1. Special Rewards

You’ll get 5 Diamond Royale Vouchers, Star of New Year Bundle, and Google Play Vouchers in the Booyah rewards 2021 as well.

How To Claim Free Fire Booyah Signup Rewards?

You can earn Booyah rewards by following the steps given below:

  1. Opent the Free Fire application. 
  2. Press Go To.
  3. Press Login on the Top Right-Hand Corner.
  4. Login with Free Fire.
  5. Watch the video for 30 minutes to WIN these exciting rewards.

Note: Make sure you download the BOOYAH app for your mobile device today to claim your rewards. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or from your device’s app store.

Still Haven’t Signed Up?

The free fire Booyah Event 2021 is not going to last forever! You’ve still got some time to get in on all the rewards – you just need to follow the steps in order to receive exciting awards. But hurry — sign up now before you miss out on your shot to win!

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Happy Gaming!

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