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How To Get Free Gun Skins in Free Fire

Have you ever wondered how to get Free fire skins? Maybe you are using a Diamond generator to create an account with lots of Diamonds, but that means your accounts will get banned. However, there are still many ways to get free gun skins in Free Fire. Guns are must-have items in Free Fire.

Just like all game items in Free Fire, guns also need to be equipped with good skins for players to show off their skills and stand out from other players.  In the case of Free Fire, gun skins are available for different firearms.

Benefits of using skin in free fire

  • Gun Skins assist you to look like a pro player.
  • Skins enhance the damage of the weapons.
  • Enhance the chances of winning the game.
  • Helps in gaining extra popularity & likes.
  • Inspire other free-fire players to send you a friend request.

How To Get Free Gun Skins 

1. Clear Event Missions

Event missions are special time-limited missions that have specific objectives and are often worth the effort. Clearing these event missions grants rewards like gun skins, money, or in-game items such as bags or keys.

 It is very easy to get the better gun skin in some major events on Free Fire. If you want to get free gun skins in free fire, the first thing you need to do is clear the event missions. On some major events such as Vengeance, Rampage, and 3rd Anniversary, you can get cooler prizes than the usual events you participated in. Aim to complete as many missions in the time frame that they are open. Also, note that you can only get the mission rewards once during the event period.                              

2. Use Redeem Codes

If you want to get some of the best skins from the game, Redeem Code is your way to go. By using this method, you can get awesome in-game items for free. It’s easy, but it’s limited, so use it with care!  Some popular players often share redeem codes on their social media to reward the players. You can get the redeem code by watching a live stream or stalking their FB page. Once you have obtained one, insert the code onto the site to claim your reward before the time ends. Redeeming a Free Fire redeem code is very easy.

3. Elite Passes

Elite Passes is a useful feature for Free Fire players. Every month, you can get exclusive prizes via Elite Pass. To get the highest-level rewards from Elite Pass, you indeed require Diamonds. However, you can also get some free items such as gun skins via Free Pass. Players will have to finish various missions and obtain Badges in order to open all the prizes on Free Pass. Although some missions are challenging, this opportunity is a great way to save money if you want awesome free gun skins in Free Fire without spending any Diamonds.

4. Giveaways

Do you often look at social media? You can always find giveaways on social media, especially on YouTube and Twitch. Participating in these is a great way to get free diamonds, weapons, and other goods that you can use to improve your stats in the game.


We can easily conclude that Here are 4 ways you should use in order to obtain your favourite guns without paying. Free Fire is the best game to play in today’s scenario. This game has many interesting features like its gameplay, graphics, a twist of events, and so on. If the information mentioned in this article is helpful then share this with your friends.

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