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Free Fire Rampage Event 2022 Leaks: Date and Rewards

For a few last years, we have seen many significant events that gave users a unique experience. Free Fire has been seeming one of the most famous in game events. Users are excited about the upcoming Rampage Event, as it will be available in the coming days. This event may not be much different from other modes. But it offers awesome gameplay, unlike any other mode. The free Fire Rampage Event 2022 promotion is going on right now. And we can see many new players logging into the game with renewed interest.

Exciting rewards in Rampage 4.0 event for Free Fire players

Are you ready for the next Fire Rampage Event? We know you are! Garena Free Fire’s OB34 update has finally arrived, weeks after the game’s ban in India. The most awaited Rampage 4.0 event of the month, is coming soon and will be open to all players.

This upcoming Rampage 4.0 event is going to be the most expected event by players. This is because it will offer many rewards such as emotes, animations, and exclusive gun skins. Rampage mode is an event in the game Free Fire in which participants have to play and accumulate points to unlock various rewards. The update also contains a slew of changes that will make the user’s gaming experience better.

  • New Rampage 4.0 Thompson gun skin with different animation
  • New transformation fist
  • Amazing color-changing glow wall skin
  • New Rampage 4.0 evolution bundle
  • New animation after wearing Evo bundle
  • 2-in-1 color-changing backpack
  • New hybrid katana skin
  • Cloud sky wing animation and Rampage theme separate tornado
  • Two different granade skin & New scythe skin
  • New Rampage 4.0 hyperbook items

The Free Fire Rampage Event 2022 comes on June 25th, 2022. This new update will include action-packed gameplay with many weapons, vehicles, & much more.

In the upcoming Free Fire Rampage Event 2022, there will be three amazing emotes. The event will feature three emotes, Chronicle of the Sword, Flaming Groove, and The Collapse. There will be a new animation called Wall Zap. Along with these there will be 2 exclusive Gloo wall skins. The main theme of this event is “visions”, and they’re also will be some new car skins and loot boxes added.

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