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How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft?

  • You can change the game mode in Minecraft by giving the command:  /gamemode
  • There is no specific condition applied for changing the game mode in Minecraft.
  • Minecraft consists of total four Game modes: Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator.

Minecraft is one of the most customizable games, in which you can change the modes, build your world, and much more to do. So, in this guide, we have shared the solution for How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft? Read on till the end to figure out the solution.

When you enter the game, it will ask for the game mode you want to play, and the four game modes are- Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator. If you change the mode, your existing file will be erased.

Here comes the role of Minecraft cheats. The cheats in Minecraft extend its customizability. With a console command /gamemode, you can instantly change the modes at any time.

Note: Before using cheats, you have to enable the cheats for the world in Minecraft.

How to Change Minecraft Game Mode?

1. Pause the game by clicking on the Pause button displayed in the below image.

Pause button in Minecraft gameplay.
Tap the pause button. (Image credit: Minecraft)

2. Go to the Settings menu.

Setting Menu in Minecraft.
Tap on the Settings button. (Image credit: Minecraft)

3. In settings, you will see Personal Game Mode, open the drop-down menu and choose the game mode that you want to play. While changing the game mode, you may receive the warning message of disabling the achievements for that world. Just click on Continue and start playing your game in a different world.

Personal Game Mode in Minecraft.
Select the Game mode you wish to change to. 

Quick View: Pause the Game > Settings > Personal Game Mode > Choose Mode > Continue

How to use the Game Mode command in Minecraft?

Changing game mode in Bedrock is relatively easy, but in the Java edition, you must change the modes from the chat.

Opening Chats in Different Platforms:

PlatformHow to open chat
MobileClick on Speech Bubble icon.
PlayStationPress right on the D-Pad.
XboxPress right on the D-Pad.
NintendoPress right on the D-Pad
PCPress T on your keyboard.
Opening Chat in Different Platforms
  • Take a look at the above table to open chat on different platforms.
  •  Type in /gamemode with space and type the name of the mode you want to switch to like- if you want to switch to Survival mode, type /gamemode survival in the chat, then hit the Enter key.

Tip: This trick is not applicable in the Hardcore mode. You have to use the third-party apps to edit the game file to use the Hardcore mode.

What are Minecraft Modes, and Why Would You Change them?

In Minecraft, every mode has different difficulty levels and surprises. So let’s look at all the modes available in the game and find their uniqueness.

1. Creative:

In creative mode, you have complete control of the game, and you can craft anything or travel everywhere because creative mode was made so that players can get familiar with the game. You can attack the mobs in this mode, but they can’t kill you.

2. Survival:

Survival Mode can be considered as the second level of the game. Here, you will face some challenges, and as the name suggests, you have to survive in this mode. Here you have to face the mobs, and mobs can kill you in this mode.

3. Adventure:

Adventure mode has limited features in comparison with Creative and Survival modes. This mode is designed in such a way that you can explore the world without affecting the environment. You will not be able to fly in this mode. This mode is more complicated than the other two.

4. Spectator:

The spectator is one of the most exciting modes in Minecraft’s world. In this mode, payers are allowed to pass through the blocks, and blocks are invisible and transparent. Players can neither create the blocks nor break them. Also, players can see the world from a mob’s POV (Point of View) by just left-clicking on them.

5. Hardcore:

Hardcore mode is only available for the Java edition. This mode is purely for the pro players who want extra challenges in their gameplay. In this mode, players have only one life; if they get eliminated once, they can’t respawn.

Tip: If you’re stuck underground and can’t jump out, switch to Spectator mode and fly to the land surface.

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