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Free Fire Vs Sigma: Which Game is Better?

Free Fire vs Sigma: This article features the major differences between the Garena Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royale, and then you will find which game is better.

Sigma Battle Royale is a new game that has gained a lot of attention even in its early days. Many popular players and YouTubers believe that this game is mostly similar to Free Fire. However, there are some significant differences also between these two games. Moreover, we will determine which game is better based on these differences. 

Major points to discuss for Free Fire vs Sigma 

1. Download size of the game 

Many people think that Sigma is similar to Free Fire, but at the same, the size of the game makes a huge difference between both games. As compared to Free Fire, the download size of Sigma is extremely small. 

The size of the Sigma Battle Royale game is around 280 MB, whereas the Free Fire game’s download size is more than 500 MB. Moreover, in Free Fire, when you include the in-game downloadable content, the size of the game goes above 1 GB.

2. Compatibility with devices 

Now, after knowing the game’s download size, it’s well understood that Sigma is a far better option than Free Fire for lower-end devices. Many players with low RAM devices also want to play Battle Royale games, but most good games have large sizes. 

So for such players, Sigma Battle Royale is a good alternative. Because of its small download size, this game can efficiently run on devices with lower RAM. 

3. Graphics quality of the game 

The Sigma Battle Royale graphics quality is very low in comparison to the Garena Free Fire. Sigma BR graphics look much more unrealistic and cartoonish. Players might have to adjust to the in-game graphics as the download size of the Sigma BR is also small. 

This way, the graphics of both games makes a huge difference, and in terms of graphics, Free Fire is a better option in the Free Fire vs Sigma battle

4. Availability of the game on the Google Play Store 

At first, Sigma Battle Royale was available on Google Play Store, but later it was removed from there. According to some sources, Sigma BR was removed because of not follow Google’s Developer Program Policy

That’s why Sigma Battle Royale is currently unavailable on Google Play Store, it means that it has no authentication from Google. In contrast, the Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Max has Google’s authentication and is available on Google Play Store. 

We know that Sigma Battle Royale is currently unavailable on Google Play Store. So if you want to download the game, check out the link mentioned below.

Sigma Battle Royale apk Download: Latest Version, All Details

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have discussed the Garena Free Fire and Sigma BR game. With this discussion, we can easily reach one decision on which game is better in current times. 

So, according to the points mentioned above, it is clear that Garena Free Fire has more chances that will be the first choice for any player choosing from Free Fire vs Sigma BR. 

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