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Free Fire Vs Free Fire Max, Which game is better?

Here is the short comparison blog on Free Fire vs Free Fire Max game. In this comparison, I will tell you the five main differences between both games.

Both Free Fire and Free Fire Max are part of the online game developer company Garena Mobile. Garena launched Free Fire on 23 August 2017, and Free Fire Max will launch on 28 September 2021.

Free Fire Max game is nothing but an upgraded and enhanced version of the Free Fire game. Garena launched Free Fire Max to give competition to the BGMI and PUBG NEW STATE games.

Many gamers who have a high-end device prefer BGMI and PUBG mobile because of their realistic graphics and features, that’s why Garena bring Free Fire Max.

So the purpose of launching Free Fire Max is to attract this category of gamers.

Let’s five main differences between Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

1 Game Size – Free Fire Max size is greater than Free Fire because of several new features and graphics. Free Fire game size is 819Mb, but Free Fire Max size is about 1.5 GB. 

2 Graphics – Free Fire Max graphic is more realistic and high quality than Free Fire. Graphics are enhanced and high frame rate in Free Fire Max than Free Fire. The developer of Free Fire Max also brings some unique animation to the game so the players can feel more delight. 

3 Game Features – Free Fire Max has some new and unique features than Free Fire game, it has 360- Degree Lobby with customizable display, Bermuda Max map, HD Map and animation and Craftland ( you can create your own map). 

If we compare the features of Free Fire with Free Fire Max, we can say that Free Fire Max has better features than Free Fire.

4 Device – Another difference in Free Fire Max vs Free Fire is that Free Fire Max will require a high-end device. You will need a mobile with greater than 3GB/4GB to play Free Fire Max, a high CPU is also required for its efficiency. On the other hand, Free Fire can be run smoothly on 2GB mobile also.

5 Gameplay Experience – Players will feel a good gameplay experience in Free Fire Max because of better graphics, animations, 360- Degree Lobby craft land and HD map. 

On comparing, the gameplay experience, we can say that Free Fire Max will provide a better experience than Free Fire.  


So here are our final words for Free Fire vs Free Fire Max game comparison. In this comparison, we find that Free Fire Max has better graphics, features and a good gameplay experience. 

But the size of the Free Fire Max game is greater than Free Fire, so it is a little bit difficult to play on low-end devices.

This game is especially launching for players who have high-end devices and want better graphics than Free Fire. 

So if you good device then you should try this game otherwise you should be happy in playing Free Fire game.

Dou you want to swich to Free Fire Max from Free FireTell us in the comment the comment box.

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