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5 major difference between PUBG vs Free Fire

In this article we will look at some major difference between PUBG vs Free Fire. PUBG is officially banned in India but Krafton releases its another game called BGMI. We will review this game and if you want a BGMI vs Free Fire game article then we will bring.

Free Fire is considered to be best alternate for PUBG in India because this game is the most downloaded game in 2019 globally and this game also received an award for best popular game on playstore in 2019.

Despite having lots of similarities between PUBG and Free Fire there are also major differences between this two game. If you’re planning to switch from PUBG to Free Fire lets first look at some differences between this two games.

Here, are 5 major differences between PUBG vs Free Fire that many players experience while playing both games.

1. Battle Royal Mode

In PUBG 100 players fight for the chicken dinner while in FreeFire 50 player fight for the booyah!. PUBG matches usually takes longer time complete than Freefire because player in PUBG are more than Freefire. FreeFire matches are usually short and fast within one match can finish around 10 minutes.

2. Graphics

There are big difference in graphics between PUBG and FreeFire, PUBG graphics are feel more realistic and high quality while Freefire has cartoonish graphic. FreeFire has decent graphics but PUBG has far better graphics than FreeFire because of its sources.

3. Performance

In we talk about performance of both games there is also a big difference. PUBG has high quality graphics and it requires good internet connection, higher RAM and better  processor to run the game smoothly on the device without any lags. But FreeFire has does not have high quality graphics and it was designed specially for mobile user who have average performance device. It also runs smoothly on 2GB RAM mobile devices.

4. Characters

There is a major difference in both games is its character feature. FreeFire has its unique character feature and each character has its own unique ability. There are 30 characters available in FreeFire (until September 5, 2020). Each character is unlocked when you level up or you can also unlock them by purchasing through diamonds (currency of game).

But in PUBG you can only customize your character’s look, others character are not available in PUBG.

5. Weapons

In PUBG there are vast range of weapons are available. More than 40 weapons are available including sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols and many more. Weapons played a major role in killing because they have their unique advantages like higher accuracy rate, damage power and many more.

In FreeFire there are small range of weapons are available in comparison of PUBG but they are enough for gameplay. There is no big difference found while shooting.

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