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How To Get Free Emotes in Free Fire [2023].

In this article, I will tell you five simple ways to get free emotes in Free Fire. These are legit ways to unlock emotes without spending a single diamond in Free Fire.

What Are Emotes in Free Fire?

Emotes are a medium to show our emotions and feelings in battle royale games to other players. When a player is laughing, he can use lol emote. He can also use booyah emotes to show his victory to his enemies. Total 58 emotes are available to use in Free Fire currently.

That’s why every player wants emotes to express their feelings to friends and enemies.

How to get Free Emotes in Free Fire?

Getting lots of Free emotes in Free Fire is a super easy method. You don’t need to spend diamonds on purchasing emotes.

Here are five ways to unlock Emotes.

1 Purchase Special Airdrop and get Free Emotes

This one is the best method to get free emotes. Garena gives a special airdrop to those players who continuously play Free Fire for five days. One special airdrop can get you 2 to 5 emotes only at 10rs.

You will get some other items with emotes in airdrop also like character, gun carate, and pets.

So purchasing airdrop is a great deal for Free Fire players.

2 By getting Free Fire Redeem Codes

Free Fire Redeem codes have many rewards including emotes.

You can get free redeem codes from Garena in ongoing events of Free Fire. Some websites also publish a list of free redeem codes on their websites.

3 By Purchasing Elite Pass

When you purchase an elite pass you will get several badges, emotes, and fixed diamonds daily in your account.

You use your airdrops to get some diamonds and then purchase an elite pass. In this way, you will not only unlock emotes but also acquire many rewards in your account.

If you already have 500 diamonds in your account then you should purchase the upcoming elite pass 40.

4 Use Advance Server

You can use an advanced server to unlock all emotes in your Id. A player can get anything in advance server in just one diamond.

However, getting an advanced server is not easy for every player.
But if you will succeed in downloading the advanced server then you can get anything you wish.

5 By Using Emotes Apk

There are several apps available in the google play store which give free emotes to a player. But most of them are fake apps, and they claim that they will transfer emotes when a user will complete some task.

However, some users still managed to get free emotes from these apps.

So here is the list of app that gives free emotes.

1 I Emotes
2 FFE Emotes
3 Earn Free Cash


There are other numerous tricks like emote generators to obtain emotes but I will not recommend you to use those ways. Beacuase there are smajor risk of invloved in using those tricks. So avoid them completely.

However, the above ways that I mention in this blog are ways are trusted ways to unlock emotes. Some tricks are required money to claim free rewards and emotes, so before spending your parent’s hard-earned money think carefully.

Disclaimer -: These are my personal opinions, so try these tricks at your own risk. I am not responsible for your losses.

Disclosure: This post contains amazon affiliate links. When you buy through links on our website we may earn an affiliate commission.

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