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How To Get Throne Emote Free Fire Through Glitch File

You may also want to know how to download the free fire glitch file because Garena Free Fire has many skins and emojis that we all want to open for free. But if you buy a throne emote free fire, you have to pay a lot of diamonds. But with the help of this free fire glitch file, you can open skins and emojis for free. Interesting? 

Glitch Config File Method

So in this glitch config file, you will get all those things for free, and also, you will get all the rare emotes. Yes, this method works! This is not a hacking method; it is just a modification method so players can get the throne emote Free Fire for free. Friends, you will get the link to this config glitch file for free direct download. In this config, you have modification with a free emotes gulch config file, and when you use this gulch file, there is no risk of getting banned. Free Fire Glitch files are always modified with new updates. So this method is going to work in every update.

4 Simple Steps To Get Throne Emote Free Fire

1. Download Config File- Firstly, you must download the Free Fire Glitch file by visiting other sites. After this, go to the Play Store and install the Z-Archiver application. Go to the folder where you have downloaded the config file.

2.  Extract Your Free Fire Glitch Zip File- Secondly, when you get the zip glitch config file, you have to extract the zip file. After this, you will get a file like this com.dts.freeforth, then you have to copy that file.

3. Paste Your File- As soon as you have copied the com.dts.freeforth file; you must go to your internal storage. Then, go to the Android folder. And paste it into the location below.

path – Android -> Data / “Paste Here”

When you paste a pop message displayed in front of you, you must tick and click on Replace. And finally, your work is done.

4. You are Done!- Lastly, when you replace by clicking the replace button, your work is done. Now you have to restart the phone once, and after that, open your game. Then, go to the section on emotes; there, you will see that there will be many new emotes and throne emote free fire. So you can use config by doing this way. 


Friends, we can easily conclude that there are some simple steps by which Free Fire players can get throne emote Free Fire when they use this config. Follow the process mentioned above carefully; only then will you be able to apply this config properly. Because if you make a mistake in pasting the file even a little bit, your game can also crash.

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