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Free Fire OB36 Update Relase Date and Rewards

Garena mainly launches a new update within a time interval of two months. These updates bring a lot of new features to the game and keep the excitement among all their fans. Now it’s time for the latest Free Fire OB36 update

So aren’t you excited about this update? If not, then you should be, and if yes, then check this article to know about the release date and new features of the OB36 update.

There are rumors about Free Fire OB36 update that this new update is going to make players crazy with the new events, characters, modes, cosmetics, etc. This update is like a festival for all the Free Fire community members. So we have brought some interesting information about this update. 

Release date of Free Fire OB36 update 

Although the official date for the OB36 update is not announced yet. According to the pattern of previous updates, we expect the OB36 update to release around mid-September or after that (Around 20th September).

Maintenance break for the upcoming OB36 update

The most awaited update for all the Free Fire players is going to be launched soon. Like the previous updates, this time also, a maintenance break will happen before you can access this OB36 update. Similar to the OB35 update, the period for maintenance will start from 11:30 A.M. and may end at 5:30 P.M.

Moreover, during this break, you will have no access to open the game. Further, if you try to open the game during the maintenance break, you will get an error message. You have to wait until the maintenance period ends. Once the break is over, you can open and play the game.

Expected new comings in the Free Fire OB36 update. 

As per some well-known Free Fire data miners, this new update will bring many modifications to the game. For example, new events, modes, characters, weapons, pets, bundles, emotes, gun skins, and many more. The list of some of the expected features of Free Fire OB36 updates is as follows.

  • Two new characters: Luna and Tatsuya, can be available in the latest update. One of them is a female character, and the other one is a male character.
  • There will be a new pet in the game: Fang. With this new Fang pet, you will get HP when someone knocks out your teammates.
  • As per reports, a new corrosion grenade and a laser treatment gun will be available for the game.
  • Two new modes will be open: Coin Clash and Social Island.
  • A gun skin for AN94 named Evo.
  • A lot of new bundles and emotes will also be available.
  • You can also expect a gallery outline in the Armoury and Zombie Invasion.

How to install the new OB36 update

So whenever this update gets released, you must go to the Google Play Store or App store and then update this app version.


So within this article, you have an idea about what you can expect from this new Free Fire OB36 update. Get ready to explore the new update soon, and let’s wait together for the official date announcement for the update.

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