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How To Get Diamond Skins In COD Mobile

Diamond skins in the COD mobile game have a huge fanbase among COD players. It is because such skins provide a gorgeous look to the weapon, and it also shows your hard work and skills to your rivals in the game. 

COD mobile offers several completionist camps and weapon skins. However, you need enough time and in-game skills if you want to unlock them. Moreover, you cannot obtain diamond skins through real money or loot crates in COD mobile. That’s why it’s hard for beginners to get diamond skins and need high enthusiasm and expertise. 

What is diamond camo in COD mobile?

Diamond skins are one of the most prestigious camos in COD mobile, and that’s why it’s quite hard for players to obtain diamond skins. Once you get the diamond skins, you can make your weapon look beautiful and show your skills to the other players. 

Furthermore, you cannot buy or obtain diamond skins with real currency. Now, to get diamond skins, you need to follow some criteria, and that, too, may differ from one weapon to another.

How to obtain diamond skins in COD mobile

Most importantly, you should know that no method can help you to get diamond skins in a very short time. But don’t worry because there are some tips and if you follow them, you can get them as early as possible. So let’s see each tip in detail.

1. To get the diamond skin for a particular weapon, you must already have the gold skin for that weapon; otherwise, you can not unlock the diamond skin.

2. Now, for different weapons, the criteria to obtain diamond skins may differ. For example, if you want diamond skin for an assault rifle, then you must have 10 kills in 150 matches.

3. To get diamond skins quickly, you should play individual matches in modes like Hardpoint Shipment and Free For All mode. You should prefer playing in these modes because the battleground is one of the smallest in the game; that’s why you can secure more kills in less time. Many pro players use this way to get diamond skins for several weapons. 

4. If you’re looking for Assault Rifle’s diamond skins, then while playing matches, you should take care that the 10 kills should come from the Assault Rifle only. It’s because the kills from other weapons, lethal equipment, scorestreaks, etc., are not valid for the required 10 kills.

5. Moreover, even if you have already secured 10 kills in a match and you quit the game before completing, then the kills become invalid. So you must complete the match even after getting 10 kills. 

6. If you want quick results in getting diamond skins, then you should not switch between weapons frequently. 

7. You should play matches that last longer rather than the quickest matches like Team Deathmatch because it will give you more time to get enough kills. 

Note: If you want to see your progress report for each weapon, then you can do so easily. For that, you first need to go to the Gunsmith’s menu and then access the camo lobby. 

Final thoughts 

So you can also get diamond skins for different weapons, but you should keep patience and do enough practice. Moreover, the tips mentioned above will help you get diamond skins in COD mobile as early as possible. Once you get your desired diamond skins, you can show your abilities and gaming skills to your rivals.

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