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5 Best Drop Locations In Free Fire In 2022 To Get Maximum Loot

Garena Free Fire is popularly known for its various in-game features and BR (Battle Royale) mode. In this game, players need to make multiple strategies to win maximum matches. One such strategy is to find a suitable landing spot. So in this article, you will find the best drop locations in Free Fire

We all know the importance of getting a good character, weapons, and pets to perform competently in the game. But first of all, you must find a proper drop location to get maximum loot. So that you can get the most suitable and enough amount of weapons and other accessories.

Your landing location also plays an essential role in winning the match. The chances of your survival also depend much on your dropping spot. Above all, a better landing place has more enemies, which makes it easy for you to get more kills. 

Further, choosing a good drop location will increase your chances of succeeding in the game. If you land on a spot where there are fewer loots, you will find it difficult to survive in the game. 

Moreover, we know that there are four maps in Free Fire and that are AlpinePurgatoryBermuda and Kalahari. All these four maps have some outstanding drop locations. So keep reading this article to learn about some top landing spots to collect more loot. 

The list of the five best drop locations in Free Fire to get the highest loot is 

  • Kalahari Refinery
  • Mars Electric
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Alpine Snowfall
  • Observatory Bermuda

Now let’s discuss the above landing spots in detail. Let’s get started with Kalahari Refinery.

1. Kalahari Refinery

Refinery in Kalahari is one of the best drop locations in Free Fire
Image via Garena

The Refinery area is found in the centre of the Kalahari map of Free Fire. In this area, you will discover complex terrains with maximum loot. This area is one of the most preferred locations for most of the players to get high-tier loot. 

Moreover, along with the high-quality loot, this place has a secret location from where you can easily target your enemies. However, it would be best if you were a little faster than your enemies to get the loot. Otherwise, you have to fight your foes to get that loot.

2. Mars Electric

Mars Electric is among the top landing spots in Free Fire
Image via Garena

The Mars Electric area is found near the Factory area in the bottom region of the Bermuda map. You can get enough loot in the buildings of this area. Mars Electric is one of the favourite areas of newbies as it is also considered the safest area on the map.

However, you must take care of your opponents as you must be the first to reach and grab the loot. 

3. Rim Nam Village

Image via Garena

Rim Nam Village region is located in the southwest direction of the Bermuda map. This place contains massive loot with a large number of weapons, armour, bullets etc. You should have a faster-moving speed than your foes to grab the loot.

In addition, this place also contains a hidden area from where you can aim your enemies effortlessly, and no one can find you easily. 

4. Alpine Snowfall

Snowfall area in Alpine is among the decent landing spots in Free Fire
Image via Garena

The Snowfall area is located in the top region of the Alpine map. The mountains and terrains are rich in loot. You can almost find vast loot all over this area. Most of the players love to play in this area because of the loot available here.

Yet, you need to be very alert all the time as this area is very vast and enemies can attack you from anywhere. 

5. Observatory Bermuda

Image via Garena

The Observatory region is located in the new and superior Bermuda, known as the Bermuda Remastered map. The observatory area does not come under the flight route. So you have to reach there as fast as possible to collect the desired loot.

Moreover, the area has many vehicles available, making the game more interesting. The maximum area of the region is open and contains a decent amount of loot.


Getting enough weapons and necessary accessories at the start of the game is always beneficial. That’s why we have researched the locations that contain maximum loot and made it available to you.

So, the areas mentioned above are among the best drop locations in Free Fire, according to our research. However, it may be different for others. 

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