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Top 5 Headshot Accessories for Free Fire Player

Free Fire is undeniably the most popular battle royal game in the world. As the fanbase of Free Fire increases day by day and every player wants to be a pro player. So we’ve came up with the “Top 5 Headshot Accessories for Free Fire Player”. After using the below mentioned accessories, you can enhance your headshot and controlling skills of the game.

If you’re interested in any accessories, you can go through the link and buy them from Amazon directly.

Which are the Top 5 Headshot Accessories for Free Fire Player?

We’ve chosen all the accessories below the price of ?500, so there might be a possibility that prices of some accessories differ after some time.

Let’s have look at the “Top 5 Headshot Accessories for Free Fire Player

  1. Finger Sleeves
  2. Triggers
  3. Phone Coolers
  4. Gaming Eyeglasses
  5. Matte Finish Screen Guard

1. Finger Sleeves:

Ever experienced the insensitivity of the screen during headshots? To overcome the sensitivity problem of the screen, finger sleeves are used. Finger sleeves helps you to to control the screen seamlessly.

It helps to reduce the sweat problem which is caused by the long term contact of the screen with fingers. As Finger sleeves are made up of carbon fiber material, it reduces the slipperiness and also increases the grip of the phone.

You can buy Finger Sleeves from Amazon at ?150.

2. Triggers:

Triggers are external attachment for the mobile device that are specifically used by the battle royal players. These triggers are generally used to increase the control of the game.

Triggers have the touch sensitive buttons that depict a human finger touch. With the help of triggers, players can control the game with two fingers only and reduces the use of four-finger style. The use of triggers, can help you to increase your headshot abilities.

Generally, the average price of triggers are around ?150 – ?300 on Amazon.

3. Phone Coolers:

Most Common problem in mobile gaming is Overheating. As the games like Free Fire uses high memory and causes overheating. Due to overheating the game starts lagging and affects you gaming experience.

So to overcome this problem Phone Coolers are used, phone cooler attached backside of your phone and maintains the temperature, so that you can seamlessly enjoy the game.

You can buy phone coolers from Amazon at ?300 onwards.

4. Gaming Eyeglasses:

Playing games on mobile for a long time causes eye strain and headache. This makes you uncomfortable and less effective.

So to protect your eyesight Eyeglasses filter out blue light and UV light that reduces the effects of digital eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision. Gaming Eyeglasses increases your focus and gives you more clear vision.

You can easily get Gaming Eyeglasses from Amazon at ?500 onwards.

5. Matte Finish Screen Guard:

Sometimes you faces the most common problem with the screen is glares, and sweat. Your ordinary screen guard makes the screen slippery and blurry when it comes to the contact with sweat and dirt. Hence your aiming and headshot skills are affected.

However matte finish screen guard makes the screen anti glare and anti-fingerprint. So that you can take the fully control of game without loosing any headshot.

Generally Matte Finish Screen Guard are available on Amazon at ?150 onwards, prices may vary according to your phone model.

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