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How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

As a Free Fire lover, you wish to get free diamonds in the game, and you know it is quite possible. This article will tell you the five easiest ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. So read this article carefully and apply these tricks to get diamonds.

Diamonds are the in-game currency of the Free Fire game, and with the help of diamonds, you can buy many kinds of stuff like bundles, pets, emotes, gun skins and other in-game items. That’s why diamonds are so important for players. I recommend you read the entire blog post to get some tips for free diamonds in the game.

5 Simple Ways To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

1 Website
2 GPT Apps
3 Games
4 Google Play Redeem Code
5 Bonus Top Up Event

1 GPT Apps

There are a lot of GPT apps available on the internet which give free diamonds; all you need to do is perform some tasks. Doing some tasks like watching ads, reading articles, downloading apps, and referring to their app will give you Free Fire diamonds. No doubt is the most used trick to get free diamonds in the free Fire.

2 Games

Free Fire players are fond of playing online games, so what if you get Free Fire diamonds for playing short games for some time? You would love playing games for diamonds, and it is possible now to download games like Rooter, Skillclash and Winzo to get free diamonds or Paytm Cash.

3 Google Play Redeem Code

Players can purchase diamonds through an in-game store with Google play balance. You can recharge your Google Play balance through Google Play redeem codes. You need to spend money to buy a Google recharge code, but there are some tricks to get a free redeem code.

4 Diamond Top-Up Event

Free Fire regularly brings bonus diamond top-up events in the game for players. These double-diamond top-up events will give the double diamond to users of the top-up diamonds during even time. Another popular event in Free Fire is less is more, which also exciting offers to players for diamond top-ups.

5 Third-Party Apps/ Websites

There are some third-party websites and apps available on the internet that gives bonus diamonds to users on their diamond purchase. These websites offer bonus diamonds, flat discounts, and cashback offers on diamond top-ups from their platform. Websites like Gameskhareedo, Codashop and apps like Winzo gives such offers to their users.


Free Fire diamond is the currency of Free Fire which helps users to purchase in-game items like bundles, characters, gun skin crates, emotes and other cosmetic items. Players are serious about diamonds; they desperately want free diamonds in their accounts, and sometimes they use diamond generators to get free diamonds. We recommend using something other than the diamond generators website/app because they can ban your account from Free Fire. I suggest reading our article on Free Fire Diamond Generators; in this article, I describe the disadvantages of diamond generators.

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