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How To Get Free Warzone Operator Skins

Call Of Duty: Warzone is largely popular because it provides drastic action, thrilling gameplay, and a unique gaming experience with several customization options. Warzone operator skins are among the best customization option available in the game. 

In Warzone, you can change the look of your operator with these skins. Moreover, these skins make your operator look unique and stylish. You can purchase these skins, but if you want them for free, keep reading further to know how you can get free operator skins.

Ways to get Warzone operator skins for free 

  • In-game events 
  • Redeem codes 
  • Battle pass 
  • Twitch drops 
  • Challenges and missions 
  • Tournaments 

1. In-game events 

Warzone often held in-game events to make the game engaging and interesting. So these are the opportunities for you to get free operator skins. This kind of in-game event brings plenty of rewards, such as free skins, tokens, or anything else. 

Moreover, these events are not always available, but the chances are higher during any special occasion. So you should keep an eye out for such events to grab exciting rewards. Sometimes you can also get the in-game currency as a reward during such events, which you can later use to buy the operator skins. 

2. Redeem codes 

Warzone often offers free redeem codes to the players, which you can use to earn in-game rewards. Sometimes you might get an operator skin as a reward. Yet, you need to check for these codes regularly on the game’s official social media network and website. 

Most importantly, you must know these codes are active for a little while. So, firstly, you should be quick enough to use these redeem codes to obtain in-game rewards. Now secondly, when you get these codes, visit the Warzone code redemption website to claim your reward. 

3. Battle Pass

Many players have got free operator skins using the Battle Pass. Battle Pass is a reward system that offers you numerous rewards. Here you need to level up through different tiers and complete daily missions and challenges to earn free rewards, including operator skins. 

Further, if you want to get any particular reward, visit the reward section of the Battle Pass to know what exactly you have to do to get a certain reward. Sometimes, you can even get ghost operator skin through Battle Pass. 

4. Twitch Drops 

If you are looking for the easiest way to earn free Warzone operator skins, then Twitch Drops is there for you. These drops can help you to get rewards such as operator skins, tokens, double weapon XP, weapon blueprints, etc. Now to take benefit of these drops, you must have a Twitch account and link it with your Activision account.

Now you must be wondering how these Twitch Drops work. The process is quite straightforward, as you only have to watch certain streamers playing Warzone on Twitch. This way, you may have a chance to get your desired in-game items. 

5. Challenges and Missions 

There is a great chance for you to get free operator skins in Warzone with the in-game challenges and missions. You can find a particular section for such missions in the game (if available). Now to get the best out of these challenges, you may need to satisfy specific tasks to earn a reward. 

Also, you should remember one thing that whenever a new season kicks off, the probability of getting free rewards is much higher. 

6. Tournaments 

Many popular players have received a lot of rewards and prizes by participating in COD Warzone tournaments. One can also obtain operator skins through such tournaments. However, getting rewards from these tournaments is quite tricky as you need excellent skills to win a tournament. 

The Warzone tournaments are conducted mainly by third parties or by Activision itself. Moreover, you can even win cash prizes in these kinds of tournaments. 

The Last Thoughts 

In this guide, we have pointed out some of the best and legit ways to get free Warzone operator skins. However, when you look on the internet for free operator skins, you may find lots of results. But you should only go for the legit ways to get free rewards. Explore the ways mentioned above to get operator skins, as these ways are valid and authentic. 

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