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How to Get Free Vehicle Skins in Warzone?

Vehicle Skins in Warzone is one of the most sought-after features, and this guide is all about sharing with you the free ways to get it.

Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most popular free-to-play battle royale games. Thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics, engaging storyline, esports scene, and customization options. One of the most exciting aspects is vehicle customization, which allows players to make their vehicles stand out on the battlefield with unique decals or skins. While players can purchase vehicle skins in the in-game store, there are also ways to obtain them for free.

In this guide, we will explore these free options and share some tips on how to get vehicle skins in Warzone without breaking any rules. So, stay with us till the end to learn some interesting tactics.

Ways to Get Free Vehicle Skins in Warzone:

There are dozens of ways to get free vehicle skins, but the options are limited when it comes to the legit ways then. We’ve researched maximum free ways and brought you some practical ways.

Battle Pass

One of the most popular ways to get free rewards in Warzone is the Battle Pass; you can also get free vehicle skins from Battle Pass. You have to level up your Battle Pass to get rewards, and you can unlock various items, including vehicle skins. These rewards are usually tied to particular tiers. In order to get vehicle skin or any specific items, check the Battle Pass rewards section to see which tiers have items you want.

In-game Events

Another one of the easiest ways to unlock free vehicle skin is through in-game Events. The developers of Warzone regularly host in-game events that offer free rewards, like characters, bundles and skins. These events can be seasonal or tied to special occasions such as Christmas or New Year. You have to watch event announcements in the game or on the official Call of Duty social media handles.


In-game challenges are another way to get vehicle skin. The challenges can be found in the game’s Missions and Challenges section. It often requires you to complete specific tasks or objectives. The game has various challenges, Daily, Weekly or Challenge Missions. These challenges may be tied to specific vehicles or modes, so check the requirements before starting.

Twitch Drops

Twitch drops are an easy way to get free stuff like vehicle skins in the game by watching selected Warzone streams on Twitch. These drops can offer various rewards, including vehicle skins, weapon blueprints, charms, stickers, emblems, double weapon XP, etc. Warzone occasionally offers Twitch Drops, so link your Twitch and Activision accounts to participate.

Game Codes

Periodically, Warzone offers free codes to its players that can be redeemed for in-game rewards, which might have vehicle skins. However, you have to watch for these codes on the game’s official website, social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or through partner promotions.

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The Bottom Line:

That is it for How to Get Free Vehicle Skins in Warzone. Hundreds of ways are available on the internet to get free rewards in Warzone. But it would be best if you avoid any unauthorized means of obtaining rewards and always prioritize the security and safety of your account. Go through the above-listed ways, as these are the safest ways to get any reward for free, including vehicle skins.

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