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Warzone Free Skins: How To Get Free Skins In Warzone 

Call of Duty: Warzone is among the widely played battle royale games. Also, the game has an extensive range of cosmetic items that helps you to make your gameplay experience more interesting. That’s why players always look for skins to sweeten the appearance of operators, weapons, and vehicles. 

As we all know, you can purchase skins with real money, but some ways can help you get free skins in Warzone. So keep going with this post to figure out how to obtain free skins. 

How to get COD Warzone free skins

  • Redeem Codes
  • In-game events
  • Challenges and missions
  • Twitch drops
  • Participate in Warzone tounaments
  • By using GPT apps or websites

1. Redeem Codes 

When we look for methods to get skins for free, the first thing that comes to mind is Redeem Codes. You can obtain various in-game items, including skins with the Redeem Codes. Furthermore, you can track down these redeem codes on the official social media handles or the game developer’s website.

Most importantly, you need to be active enough as the redeem codes are available for a short period. Further, if you find any redemption code, then you can claim your reward on the Warzone code redemption website. 

2. In-Game Events

In-game events are always the best way to earn free skins in Warzone. Most importantly, you can find such events mostly during any special occasion. So you should regularly look for such events. In these events, you can directly get skins or the in-game currency, etc., as rewards.

Furthermore, you can buy your favorite skins using the currency you get as a reward. So the in-game events can be instrumental for you to getting skins at no cost.

3. Challenges and Missions

To make the game more interesting, Warzone brings some missions and challenges to get rewards. The rewards may be anything like free skins, tokens, weapon camp, a calling card, a battle pass, etc. 

When you open the game, you can find these missions and challenges in a particular section (if available). Such challenges require you to finish off certain tasks, like winning a match by killing foes with a specific weapon.

Moreover, you may have a chance to get free skins during seasonal challenges. Also, we all know, the game brings new challenges almost every season to obtain some extra rewards. 

4. Twitch Drops

Warzone free skins can also be earned through Twitch drops. Most importantly, you can obtain rewards by linking your Twitch and Activision accounts and watching specific streamers play Warzone. However, if you don’t have a Twitch account, make sure to create a new one. 

The Twitch drops may contain skins, weapon blueprints, calling cards, and other in-game items. Moreover, to grab the benefit of Twitch Drops, you should regularly check for promotions and events from streamers and Activision.

5. Participate in Warzone Tournaments

You can even take part in COD Warzone tournaments to acquire free skins and other in-game items. Also, such kinds of tournaments are usually scheduled by Activision itself or by third-party organizations. 

Firstly, if you wish to participate in such tournaments, just register yourself and face off against other players for rewards. The prizes may contain real cash, double XP tokens, free skins, calling cards, etc.

6. By using GPT apps or websites 

GPT apps may indirectly help you to obtain free skins in Warzone. Also, we all know that most GPT apps give you real money on the completion of performing a particular task. 

Moreover, with the money you get from GPT apps, you purchase skins in Warzone from the in-game store. Some of the best GPT apps or websites are Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, Microsoft Rewards, etc. 


After doing adequate research on Warzone free skins, we have mentioned some of the top ways to get Warzone skins for no cost. Try the above ways to enhance your gaming experience (using skins). We hope you find this blog post worthwhile. 

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