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How To Get Free Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile?

Call Of Duty had given too many cosmetic options to their players, from rare weapon skins to premium legendary and Mythic skins. These cosmetics provide a unique look to your weapons, operator, and profile and enhance your overall gaming experience. Moreover, along with tons of grindable weapon camos, other legendary weapon skins can be obtained from the season’s lucky draw.

Despite all this, Mythic weapons skins are the rarest and most expensive weapons skins in CoD. The reason behind its expansiveness is its premium designs and unique death effects. Since the release of the first Mythic weapon skin: Fennec – Ascended, the popularity of Mythic weapon skins has increased drastically.

So everything is perfect with the Mythic weapon skins; what’s the catch? The catch is the price of Mythic weapon skin; these skins are costly. Also, the skins come with a lot of extra attachments and animations, and for that, you have to pay separately. And this is the point where only some players can afford these Mythic weapon skins. So we came up with a solution, read the complete guide to get free mythic weapons in CoD Mobile.

Steps to Get Free Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile

The only way to get free mythic weapons in CoD Mobile is via Mythic lucky draws. The lucky draw requires CP, which can be purchased through the in-game store with real money, and this guide will help you to get free CP.

Free CP can be obtained through multiple ways like Google Opinion Rewards, CP Rewards, and Tournaments. Let me elaborate on this.

1 Google Opinion Reward:

Google Opinion Rewards allows you to earn real cash by completing short surveys. Generally, surveys are all about knowing your opinion on a particular topic.

The opinion rewards vary between $0.1 to $1 for each survey. The chances of getting surveys are higher in female teenagers. To complete more and more surveys and earn a good amount of balance, you can now purchase CP using your Google Opinion Rewards. In this way, a player can get free Mythic weapons in CoD Mobile.

2 Tournaments:

Another way to get free CP is through tournaments; many were organized via different portals. Winning a few tournaments will give you enough CP to go for a Mythic lucky draw.

Recently Call Of Duty organized a 2 million dollar tournament in which they had given 1000 CP to the stage 3 qualifiers. So keep an eye on such tournaments.

3 CP Giveaways:

Various YouTubers and content creators giveaway free CP to their viewers. You just have to find content creators and YouTubers and follow their social media accounts to get free CP.

Moreover, players can get enough CP from giveaways so that they can go for a Mythic lucky draw.

How much is CP required for Mythic Weapon Skins?

In the Mythic lucky draw, after each spin, the cost of the next spin increases significantly depending on the region.

Here is the cost of each Mythic lucky draw.

  • 1st Spin – 20 CP
  •  2nd Spin – 50 CP
  •  3rd Spin – 80 CP
  •  4th Spin – 150 CP
  •  5th Spin – 280 CP
  •  6th Spin – 450 CP
  •  7th Spin – 700 CP
  •  8th Spin – 1,000 CP
  •  9th Spin – 1,800 CP
  •  10th Spin – 3,500 CP

According to the above data, an entire Call of Duty Mobile Mythic Lucky Draw will cost you around 8,030 CP. The cost of 8,030 CP is quite expensive for some players; that’s why we have mentioned some free ways to get it.

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