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How To Create Custom In Free Fire

Free Fire has an option added by the developer in the game for the players to create custom rooms. But many players don’t know how to create custom in free fire. Are you also one of them? Well, you need not worry! Today we are going to reveal all the steps. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the simple process of creating a custom room in Free Fire MAX. Players first need to have a room card for the desired game mode to create custom in free fire. Each room card costs 100 Diamonds from the store, and Players can play custom matches. For Pet Rumble, Pet Maniac, Casual, Craftland and League.  

Step-by-Step Process To Create Custom In Free Fire

It becomes more difficult to manage random players because of their annoying activities. This is the reason why some players want to play private matches by creating a custom room. Users can also invite other users to join their custom rooms. Simply by clicking on the “Invite Friends” button. And to create a custom room in Garema Free Fire, follow these steps: 

1. Firstly, Open the free Fire app and click on ‘store’ to buy a room card. And, choose the one that suits your needs.

2. Secondly, Go back to the main screen and select one of the modes from the game mode menu.

3. Thirdly, Select “Custom” from the screen’s dropdown menu on the right side. 

4. Fourthly, Payers need to select the game mode they prefer.

5. Lastly, Free fire players can choose appropriate customisations. And requirements for the preferred mode.

The customisations that differ by mode are as follows:

For Game Modes That Featuring Player Characters

  • Room
  • Game
  • Observe
  • Advanced Settings

For Game Modes That Featuring Pets

  • Room
  • Game

6. Users can select the map, total number of players, spectator mode, password and many other options for the characters’ custom room. They can also set the mane of their room as well.

Similarly, players must select pet-exclusive modes according to the game’s rules.

7.  Lastly, after customisations free Fire MAX players must click on Confirm. A deduction pop-up of the card will be displayed on their screen. And once the room gets completely created, users will no longer be able to undo any changes. 


Once created, players can invite others to join your custom room. But when creating a custom room, players can choose whether or not to allow guests to enter. And, invited players need the room ID and password to enter the custom room. So these are all the steps that free fire players need to create custom in free fire. It is very important to check whether the room cards have been used or not before buying them. Players can use one room card only once. Players can get new room cards by completing a weekly mission or from stores. Therefore, have fun by playing in your custom room!

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