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How to mine Redstone in Minecraft?

Redstone is one of the most valuable materials in Minecraft’s world. Also, it is pretty easy to find Redstone in Minecraft. In this guide, we will figure out the questions related to Redstone, like How to mine Redstone in Minecraft? and Where to find Redstone in Minecraft.

So why is Redstone an essential material in Minecraft, and what makes it unique?

You can make endless things like from Super Smelter to Piston Doors, and many more through the Redstone, which is why Redstone is so prevalent in Minecraft. As a player, you don’t have any limitations on making things with Redstone. The important thing is finding the Redstone; fortunately, it is effortless to harvest Redstone in Minecraft.

Where to find Redstone in Minecraft 2022?

Redstone is mainly available in the ore block form covered with red speckles. And when touched or punched by players, it emits a red light effect.

Unlike the other resource blocks available in the ground, Redstone ore can only be mined underground. The natural spawn value of Redstone is around 0-15 altitudes.

The chances of getting Redstone ore are higher in the caves that contain Lapis Lazuli blocks and Lava pools, so try to find such caves to find maximum Redstone ore.

If you need the requisite materials to mine the Redstone ore, you must find them in its dust form, which is generally obtainable through the inside Jungle Pyramids. But beware of the traps that you might find near Jungle Pyramids. You can break Redstone dust with your hands or any tool.

Get Redstone from Chest Loot

The easiest way to find Redstone is through the Chest Loot. Chests found in the specific locations and the best five locations are listed below:

  • Mineshaft
  •  Dungeon
  •  Village
  •  Stronghold
  •  Woodland Mansion

Tip: The highest chance to get Redstone dust is in the villages with temples and locations, for the highest amount of Redstone dust is found in Mineshaft and Stronghold.

How to mine Redstone in Minecraft?

The mining of Redstone is similar to the other blocks. The condition is that Redstone can only be mined by an Iron Pickaxe or better. You can’t drop the Redstone dust if you break the block with the tool, which is lesser than the iron Pickaxe.

Every ore block drops 4 or 5 Redstone dust, so you should break at least 13 or more blocks to ensure a whole stack of 64.

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