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How To Play Minecraft on Mobile Without Spending Money?

Are you a fan of Minecraft? and you desperately want to play Minecraft on your mobile for free. Then this article is for you. Minecraft is one of the most popular creative games this time. The craze of Minecraft among gamers is unreal. They want to unleash their creativity by playing this among. But the only difficulty that they are facing now is that Minecraft is a paid game. Users need to spend 650 rupees to purchase Minecraft.

Most gamers like you and me don’t have much money. Because we are school and college-going students. And our parents don’t allow us to spend money on games. And interestingly they are right we should not spend our parent’s hard earn money on games. So how can we play our favorite game on mobile without spending any money?

To answer this question, I find some real solutions and tips to play Minecraft for free. I found these tips are working and genuine. So let’s dive into this article to get these tricks to access Minecraft.

Tips No.1 Download Minecraft Trial

Minecraft Trial is an official game of Minecraft which is built for the users like us. This game aims to allow users to get the experience of Minecraft game freely. However, this game is much similar to the real Minecraft, but this is a trial version of Minecraft as its name suggests. So don’t expect too much from this game. It has limited features like than original Minecraft. Although if you download this game, you will get some real and unique experience of playing Minecraft.

Tip No. 2 Buy Minecraft with Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Rewards is an online survey app from Google. This app will allow a user to earn Google Play Credit by giving simple answers and feedback. This is one of the most popular users to get some Google Credit without doing anything much.

You can use this app to earn some Google credit which will allow you to purchase Minecraft. This app will give you enough Google credit to buy Minecraft within months. However, it depends on the number of surveys you get from this app.


There are mod apks of Minecraft that are also available on websites that are the cracked version of Minecraft. Users can download this mod apk of Minecraft to play this game for free. I will not recommend this hack because these mod apks contain some viruses that will harm your mobile. So us the safe way to get Minecraft. I shared two of the best tips to access Minecraft for free. If you find this article helpful then please share this with your friends. So that they can also learn these tricks.

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