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5 Best Minecraft PE Seeds In 2022

Minecraft pocket edition(PE) seeds are numbers that bring you to a specific place in the world. If you want to start on existing territory, you can punch a few numbers into your game, and you’ll appear somewhere in that area. Creators share these codes online with others who might be interested so they can come along for the journey too.

Minecraft players have been using seed codes for years now to customize their Minecraft experience when starting up a new world. All it takes to generate a fresh new world is by clicking ‘Play’ on the main menu, then ‘Create New World’, which takes you to a window where you can customize the game and input a unique code. And that’s it!

On that note, let’s look at this list.

5 Best Minecraft PE Seeds In 2022

1. Spawn near Village

Seed: 581460029

here is the photo of spawn near village minecraft pe seed
Spawn Near Village

Players who want to make sure they’re stocked up on everything necessary for a speedrun need look no further than this seed. Upon spawn, one will find a spruce village at 179, 88, -368 where they can restock or admire all of the pretty trees. The stronghold village is found at coordinates -361, 110, -899 alongside a Ruined portal.

On completion of the portal, players can enter the Nether. Here, you can find two structures called Bastion and Nether Fortress, close to each other. These all make for incredible speed running in this seed.

2. Miners Paradise

Seed: -1787412067

mine paradise seed photo

For players who love exploring the huge new caves generated in Minecraft 1.18, this seed provides them with a fantastic opportunity. Players spawn within one of these humongous new caves, and nearby they can find a large hill to explore. 

Once outside it, players can see other caves/geological features, nearby villages, and an abandoned Nether Portal – all waiting to be explored and documented.

3. Desert Spawn

Seed: -246895141

desert spwan pe seed in minecraft photo

The desert spawn area is a treasure trove of loot that players may consider when trying to survive the game in the early phase. Desert temples are found in pairs, containing two chests with equally rare loots. Also, it is useful since players don’t need to break a single block to acquire loot in desert spawn.

4. Full Iron Armor

Seed: 509333905

iron armor seed in minecraft full image
Iron Armor Seed

Using this Minecraft seed, you can obtain full iron armor within ten minutes of spawning. Proceed towards the village you spawn near and find the blacksmith. The blacksmith has two pairs of iron leggings, so you have a spare set to avoid overkill damage as you continue your path across the river to complete the full set.

5. Epic Stronghold Seed

Seed: 108685930

Stronghold Seed

Any Minecraft gamer who’s always looking for a new stronghold seed will fall in love with this one. If you start near the village on your side of the map, just jump into the water well and dig down to locate the stronghold. It has chests, a library, and even an end portal. The perfect seed if you simply want to relax, find some loot, and be entertained for hours.

Finishing Up

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best Minecraft PE seeds in 2022. We know how hard it is to find good seeds that have something to offer, so we hope you’d enjoy this article.

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