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5 Best Modern House Ideas In Minecraft 2022

Minecraft has been around for a long time. The game is one of the most popular games and is available on many different devices. Millions of people play it, and because of that, there is a massive community of people who love to build and create new things. This article will give you the five best modern house ideas that you can use in Minecraft.

The game is highly customizable and is constantly updated with new content. One of the most significant parts of this game is that players can create almost anything. That being said, there are some fantastic creations out there that are highly popular and deserve recognition. 

In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 modern house ideas in Minecraft that gained popularity:

Modern House Ideas In Minecraft

  1. Beach House
  2. Mansion
  3. Villa
  4. Apartment
  5. Farm House

1. Beach house

Beach House

Minecraft is a game set in the Stone Age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build to the future! For example, the modern-looking beach house by Weiderdude. The texture pack completely transforms the game world into something that looks so cool and has real-world architecture. The beach house looks super modern and luxurious.

2. Mansion


The mansion is one of the coolest and upscale houses you can build in Minecraft. It looks like something straight out of the natural world hometown. Rizzial walks you step-by-step through building a modern mansion in Minecraft and points out little decorating tricks for making your house look more appealing than a typical modern house. These small details tend to make the gaming experience more enjoyable with enhanced creativity.

3. Mansion


You can built a fabulous modern villa in Minecraft with tons of realistic features like a master bedroom, living room interior, modern exterior, and much more. Akila gaming built a villa using different blocks and textures to make it look surreal. The build is intricate for the exterior decorating with lots of flowers and lamps, plus the lights give it a nice soft look.

4. Apartment


A multi-storey apartment is perhaps the coolest form of residence today in modern life. They look so cool and stylish while providing a multilateral view. Halny has made a two storey modern apartment with all the details such that they look just like the real thing from an actual standpoint in Minecraft.

5. Apartment

Farm House

Modern farmhouses are all about luxurious interiors and breathtaking views of their property’s greenery. The farmhouse that Legendary53 created for Minecraft looks just like your favourite picturesque scenes in a storybook full of vivid images. You can tell it was built by someone innovative and creative, inspiring others to create great things themselves.

Summing Up

The Minecraft environment has gone through a number of changes since its initial introduction, and one of the most recent is the overhauling of the graphics, textures, and overall feel of the game. You can built anything that you want and that’s why we compiled this list of best modern houses in Minecraft.

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