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Free Fire World Series 2022 Event Calender and Rewards

Free Fire is organizing a series of events that invite multiple players to win exciting gifts. It is a chance to win exciting offers and exclusive gifts that give you immense power and thrill while playing the game. We are approaching the Free Fire World Series 2022 in the coming days as the game officials have announced the event calendar for the viewers.

This event is more thrilling and special than the previous one, as OUR SECRET RESOURCES have revealed that the officials have included amazing gifts that were never included before!

Missing the Free Fire event is like saying GOODBYE to all the influential suits or powers that will level up your game. The exciting thing is that the event will feature some exclusive and unique rewards. 

If you are a die-hard fan of Free Fire and want to keep yourself up-to-date, read this blog!

The event started on June 3rd through the training camp event, so hurry up, guys, don’t miss this golden opportunity to win exciting gits. 

This global esports event gives players the chance to get exclusive rewards throughout the event. The event will continue until May 24th. 

The Pro Gamers have already experienced the Cumulative Login Reward and Training Camp events. There will be a few more events available in the coming days. So, let’s discuss the amazing upcoming events!

Are you ready to know all the latest information about the event to make your upcoming gaming experience more thrilling?

FFWS 2022 Event Calendar:

free fire wordl series 2022 event calender
  • Training Camp Event (3rd May-24th May)
  • Shooter’sShooter’s Ville (11th May-24th May)
  • The reward for Cumulative Logins (9th-16th May)
  • Sentosa (13th-24th May). FFWS 2022Pick’ 2022Pick’ N”
  • Win (13th May-24th May)
  • Classic Store (May 13th-24th)
  • Map Drop and After Match Drop (13th May-24th May)
  • Play Lone Wolf Rank (13th May-22nd May).
  • Champion Training (16th May-22nd May)
  • Login Reward (20th May-22nd May)
  • Double Token Drop (20th May-22nd May)
  • Playtime Reward (20th May-22nd May)
  • Miraculous Store (20th May-24th May)
  • FFWS Live Watching Milestone Rewards (May 21st)

The officials have introduced the team lineup in the event section. You can easily check them out. 

Many amazing gifts are listed below in 2022. You can participate in this event to get the suit of your dreams and build a powerful player profile.

For more information, visit our website, where we will reveal the amazing secrets of the free fire game. Soon we are going to reveal the Free Fire world series 2022 live watching rewards. We will also explain the features of those rewards in our next article.

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