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Raistar Real Name, Age, Free Fire Id and Stats.

In today’s article, I tell you about a popular Indian Free Fire player named Raistar. Raistar fans also want to see Raistar real photo I will give you some personal and professional details about Raistar.
I will tell you about Raistar real name and his real age. I will also tell you about his face reveals, Free Fire stylish name, Id, level, rank, stats, his settings and sensitivity.

So I start this article with his personal details and later we will look at his professional details.

Raistar real name and age

According to some websites, the real name of Raistar is Akshay, however, he doesn’t reveal his real name officially.
We can assume that the Raistar age is 21 years. He also didn’t reveal his real age.

Raistar real face

Unfortunatly guys but I didn’t get his real photo, because Raistar didn’t reveal his face on any platform till now. But if we get any information regarding Raistar real face then will upload his photo in our website.

Youtube Channel

Raistar started his YouTube channel in November 2019 ( according to Youtube details of his channel).
Within less than three years his channel gets more than 4.5 million subscribers.
He uploaded a total of 32 videos on his channel where he able to get 96million views on all videos.

You can find some of the best headshot videos on his channel. He is very accurate in giving headshot in Free Fire.

His one tap shot is very popular among fans.

Free Fire UID, name, level and rank.

Raistar Free Fire stylish name is ?????????? , UID is 12022250 . Raistar level in Free Fire (2021) is 75 currently with the rank of Heroic emblem in season 21.

Free Fire name style of Raistar is very unique. Many players copy his Free Fire nickname style sothat they can also take stylish nickname like Riastar.

Free Fire lifetime stats

Solo – He played a total of 3526 games in a solo mode where he can win 406 gaes. His total kills in solo mode is 10744 with a KD ratio of 3.44.

Duo – He played more games in duo mode than solo. A total of 4478 games is played by Raistar in duo mode. He won 705 games with his teammate in duo mode. His total kills are 14355 with an excellent KD ratio of 3.80.

Squad – This is the favourite mode of Raistar in Free Fire where he played 15854 games currently. And he is able to win 2676 games with his squadmates.
His total kills in the squad mode is 52329 with a KD ratio of 3.97.

Free Fire Setting of Raistar

Raistar is considered to be the best player of Free Fire in India currently. His skills in Free Fire is really amazing the one-shots he gives to enemies are very popular among the Free Fire community. Many fans want to know how Raistar easily give these one-shots to enemies so easily and effectively. What is the setting of his Free Fire game? how much sensitivity he adjust. These are the most frequent question asked by fans of Raistar.

We will to answer as many as possible by collecting information through his gameplays.

I don’t want to disappoint you guys about Raistar face reveal but if we get Raistar real photo then we will update this article. We will give send you an email about article updation so please subsrcibe our email letter. You can type your email in a box that I linked to footer area of this page.

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