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How To Play Free Fire Like Raistar?

Raistar is not only a name; he is an icon for Free Fire India. The eyes of the world stuck on his gameplay because of his outstanding speed and accuracy with the headshots. His YouTube channel Rai Star has an insane amount of subscribers and viewers. His movements and speed draw the attention of many pro gamers. You can also achieve the skills and can play Free Fire like Raistar. Let us understand the things in detail. 

Devices That Will Help To Play Free Fire Like Raistar

Devices in eSports matter a lot. It not only allows you better control but at the same time, it is an advantage to enhance your experience and features. If any player wants to play like Raistar, then the device is something that they need to consider. Without a suitable device, it is hard to match the speed and perfection. 

Although we have no data about the initial devices used by Raitar during the time he started playing free fire. But after Raister became a permanent player of Gyan Gaming Channel, he changed the device to Redmi K20 Pro. 

During his practice for a one-tap headshot and one-tap gloo wall, Raistar again changed his devices into Nubia Red Magic 2.  The most crucial device that made him India Movement King is the iPhone 8 plus

It provides a better experience to Raistar and results in next-level gameplay. Now, Raistar uses Asus ROG phone 3 and iPhone 11 Pro Max for his latest gameplay. For players who want to play free fire like Raistar, it is suggested to use a better device.

Sensitivity Settings: To Play Free Fire Like Raistar

Raistar is known for his movement speed and quick response. Some necessary settings are there in the free-fire, which can help you achieve a good movement speed. Apart from movement, it allows the players to take 360-degree headshots in the game. 

The sensitivity settings of Raistar can help you achieve similar features and movement speed. If we take a look at the general level of Raistar, then it is always close to 95. If not 95, it is preferred to take a high between 90 and 100. The Red Dot of Raistar is 90 to keep the moving shots smoother. 

The rest of the settings like 2× Scopes, 4×Scopes, and AWM Scopes should be almost 100. This setting is preferred by Raistar while playing Free Fire. You can also make the changes mentioned above in the settings to get a similar battle experience as a player. 

Custom HUD Settings: To Play Free Fire Like Raistar

To optimize the gameplay, you can customize the settings of the Heads-Up Display (HUD). Raistar has a custom HUD with dedicated transparency and size for different buttons. 

Most importantly, Raistar keeps transparency 45% and the size 62% for the right-hand side fire button. And for the scope, he has 100% transparency and 61% in size. For Crouch, he kept the transparency at 74% and the size at 90%. Raistar has 19% and 64% for transparency and size in the case of Prone. It will provide balance to your playstyle and preferences. 

Practice And Decision-Making Skills

You may change all the settings and can buy all the required devices, but the only thing that makes Raistar different is the skills he has. You have to hone your skills by practicing a lot. Raistar has completed more than 16528 squads and has participated in 4497 duos and 3548 solo matches. 

Keep more focus on headshots, as they are essential when you face a bunch of enemies. Raistar is a perfect headshot shooter, with fast movement and utmost accuracy. Decision-making is a factor you should not avoid. You need to decide which step is necessary at what time. 

Final Takeaway

One can play like Raistar, but we have to be perfect in every aspect. It will not be that easy to achieve and match him completely. As we have already discussed, we can match his settings, but the tricky part is to match his speed with fingers. Sharpen your skills with regular practice, and observe Raistar thoroughly. 

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