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Top 10 Secret Places In Free Fire 2023

Free Fire is among the top battle royale games, and its popularity is achieving new peaks daily. Every player wants to become a pro player, so they always look for some pro tips. Therefore in this article, we have come up with the top 10 secret places in Free Fire.

As we all know, everyone like you wants to remain alive until the end to win the battle. For that, you have to fight and kill your enemies without getting damage to yourselves.

Therefore players hide behind any objects, but these places are not entirely safe.

So to become safe from enemies, we will tell you some of the secret locations where you can quickly attack enemies before they reach you. Above all, these hidden places will help you kill your foes and win games easily.

Now let’s look at some of the top-secret places in Free Fire

1. Rim Nam Village

Rim Nam Village is situated on the Bermuda map. This place is located on the southwestern edge of the map. The coast surrounds one side of this Village. 

Moreover, this place contains enormous loots. You can hide near the ships on the coast. After that, no one can easily find you. 

Top mysterious location in the Rim Nam village
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

2. The Circuit

The circuit is on the Bermuda map with a fantastic race track. That’s why this place is also known as the racetrack. Most importantly, on this track, there is a bridge that has a fantastic hiding place.

You can climb up on the bridge railing where you can hide in the leaves of a tree, from where you can handily target your opponents.

Hidden area in the Circuit region
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

3. Alpine map

The alpine area is also located on the map. So you have to land on the Alpine map and then move towards the railroad. After that, you have to go towards the bridge.

Further, you need to hide in between the walls of the bridge. From there, it becomes elementary for you to tackle your foes.

Unknown area in the Alpine region
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

4. Peak Area

The Peak area is situated near the central region of the Bermuda map. At this place, you can get the proper amount of loot. 

It would be best if you had a jeep to park near a green-colored dustbin to hide in this area. Then you can hide there and finish your enemies effortlessly.

Hidden location in the Peak region of the Bermuda map
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

5. Dock Area

The Dock area comes under the Alpine region of the map. The secret place in the Dock area is one of the best locations in Free Fire.

To find this area, you have to go to the end of the region where you need to move upwards on the house. From there, you can keep an eye on your opponents.

Undercover area of the Dock region in Free Fire
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

6. Shipyard 

This area is located on the northern side of the map. On the other hand, general area of the shipyard region is small. Yet it has good loot options.

The hidden place of this region is at the upper surface of a hoarding board. However, you will need a launching pad to reach over there.

Hidden location in Shipyard region in Free Fire
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

7. Sentosa Area

Sentosa region is a mini island separated from the mainland. This region is considered the safest place for beginners.

To reach the secret place in this region, you will need to park a car near a coconut tree. After that, you must climb that tree and then quickly hide in the leaves.

Secret place in the Sentosa region in the game
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

8. Bimasakti 

Bimasakti region contains one of the best hidden places in Free Fire. This area is situated on the main road on the map.

Further, to get to the secret place, you have to land near an L-shaped house. Then find the red-colored oil barrel, which is your remote region.

Hidden area of Bimasakti region
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

9. Mars Electric

This area is located in the bottom region of the map. Mars Electric region is also termed as the safest area, which is helpful for the newbies.

The best place to hide is on the roof of a house with a disk-like structure. Meanwhile, you can hide there and can counterattack your opponents.

Secret location in Mars Electric Region in Free Fire
Image credit: Sahu Gaming

10. Near Factory 

The factory region is quite popular among players. However, many of them have no idea about the hidden place in this area.

Firstly, you must find a tower near the Factory region to find the secret location. Then you have to climb on that tower. Secondly, after reaching the top of the building, you will also benefit from the tree cover so that your enemies cannot attack you.

Hidden place of Factory Region
Image credit: Sahu Gaming


Having the idea of hidden places is beneficial. However, these locations can save you from enemies and increase your win percentage.

So for your betterment, we have researched and presented you with a few top secret places in Free Fire.

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