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How To Solve Ping Problem In Free Fire?

Free Fire is a popular battle royal game that requires a good internet connection to play. Free Fire is an advanced online multiplayer game for all Android & IOS devices and it needs a good Internet connection to play. If your phone doesn’t have a decent connection to the internet, then you might face frequent stuttering issues in Free Fire. Moreover, disconnections can also happen with low ping values beginning from 150 ms.

So, in order to solve ping problem free fire here are some simple steps that will help you:

5 Steps to solve ping problem in Free Fire:

1. Restarting the device

When you experience a slow connection or lag in Free Fire. The first thing most players do is restart the game. This process can take a few seconds & will return you to your normal ping.

2. Switch to a stable source

To fix connection issues in Free Fire, one thing that you could do is that you are using a stable source. So if you are encountering issues, try switching to another connection type. For instance from Wi-Fi to device-data and vice versa.

3. Strong Wi-Fi connection

A strong Wi-Fi connection is require for smooth gameplay & to solve ping problem free fire. Facing trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi it’s possible your router has a limited range. It might have too many devices connected to the network at once. If this is the case, move closer to your router or connect fewer devices to reduce interference.

4. Fixing mobile data problems

If you are experiencing low ping or high ping in the game. Make sure that you have Mobile data turned on. Secondly, check for an adequate amount of data in your account or not. If nothing works and you still face issues! Try switching off and on mobile data to establish a fresh new connection which might help you to restore low ping or high ping respectively.

5. Conduct frequent Speed Tests

Connection issues can be fixed, but only if you know what caused them in the first place. You need to conduct frequent speed tests on your network so that you can get as much information about your connection as possible. To improve your gaming experience, we suggest you conduct frequent speed tests to check your network strength, as well as keep in touch with the service provider. The provider will check the pings and may rectify them pretty soon.

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