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Top 5 Rarest Title in BGMI 2022

Since its recent ban, battlegrounds mobile India (BGMI) has been popular among Indians. Being a BGMI player, you know that there’s a whole range of badges to show off when you’re playing, as they are also famous among the in-game players.

As a BGMI player, you know that you can get many kinds of badges – some are easy to obtain, but others are rare and hard to get. This article will cover the top 5 rarest title in BGMI that only a few can earn.

Here are 5 Most Rarest Title In BGMI 

Partner Title

The Battlegrounds Mobile India partner title is only bestowed upon a handful of people in the entire BGMI gaming community. It is probably one of the most prestigious and rarest titles. This title gives you access to rewards like seasonal UC, official merchandise, and Royal Pass.

The partner titles we issue are similar to a verification badge you’d get for Instagram or Twitter. Only the top content creators and influencers from our community can receive the partner title if they are working in collaboration with Krafton Gaming.

Overachiever Title

Overachiever titles are quite rare and difficult to earn. The title is entirely based on points accumulated. Achieving this title will require a lot of time, dedication, and determination from you. 

This is given to players who have accumulated more than 2800 achievement points which takes months to achieve.

Deadeye Title

The Deadeye title is one of the hardest titles to obtain, yet it’s among the most desired. Considering the sniping skills that one must have in order to be a Deadeye and that this is amongst the rarest titles in the game, it is no surprise why so many players are willing to put in hard work to get this title. 

To win this title, you have to eliminate 3 enemies 50 meters away from you by headshots while being in a Platinum Tier or above. 

Mythic Fashion

Mythic costumes are the rarest items out of crate items and are among the most exclusive items in BGMI. When you open a crate, there is only a 0.5% chance of getting a mythic costume. Not sure how to tell the difference? When you open a crate with a mythic costume, it will have a very bright red glow.

You’ll be given a Mythic title once you have successfully obtained 50 Mythic Outfits in PUBG Mobile. These outfits are distinct because they also come with a permanent Emote, which can be used separately from the outfit if desired.

Battlegrounds Mobile Dominator Title

BGMI Mobile Dominator is one of the hardest titles to unlock, and the title is one of the most coveted for many players. Only the players winning the upcoming crew challenge will be awarded this title.

Summing Up

Even though the titles don’t matter, it’s fun to pursue them and play the game every so often. Practice and hone your skills so you can achieve the rarest titles to brag about in front of your friends!

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