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How To Get BGMI Partner Title in 2022

When it comes to getting titles in BGMI, the partner title is the most sought after. It is a rare title in BGMI given to content creators who also receive some extra rewards such as game UC, crates, and other exciting gifts. 

BGMI Official Partner Title is a type of honor where you are rewarded by Krafton Inc. and make you a verified member for your contribution towards the game. BGMI partner title is rare because the creator needs to qualify through certain criteria in order to get the title.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Requirements to Get The Partner Title 
  • Benefits Of Getting The Partner Title
  • How To Apply For Partner Title

Requirements to Get Partner Title 

The BGMI Partner title is given to the partners that help them achieve their goals and help them to improve their business. That’s why there are certain criteria attached to the partner title. To get the BGMI Partner title, you need to fulfill the requirements given below: 

  • Consistency In Playing The Game And Streaming
  • Personal Brand Value 
  • Professionalism
  • Original Content
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Active Community Following
  • Good Viewership (E.g., YouTube streaming)
  • Concurrent viewership (People who view your content consistently)
  • Most of the content related to BGMI

Benefits Of Getting The Partner Title

Many users are interested in the benefits of joining the BGMI Partner Program. There are many benefits of partnering with this organization, and here’s the list of all those benefits.

  • Exclusive custom game access
  • BGMI gives custom content
  • Royal Pass and giveaways coupons
  • Outfits and gun skins
  • Exclusive invitation to BGMI tournaments, parties, and events
  • Direct communication with BGMI team
  • BGMI partner activation opportunities (BGMI partner)
  • VIP invites for visits and meetings with the BGMI team for tips and tricks.

How To Get The Partner Title

If you are eligible, game makers will enlist you in the BGMI Partner Program. Following the below set of procedures, you can claim your partner title for free!

  • In the home tab of BGMI, click on the Up arrow(?) located in the bottom right corner and then click on Mail.
  • In the System section, tap on Battlegrounds Mobile India Partner Title mail.
  • Click on Collect to claim the partner title. 
  • Go to your player profile> Profile picture> Edit.
  • Click on the BGMI partner title> Use.


Partner title is truly something that every BGMI player dreams of. True partnerships can be difficult to develop and are even harder to maintain, so the right strategy is vital if you want to reap the most rewards.

Just like strategies in the game, content creation or distribution needs a solid plan of attack. Create quality, original content consistently, and you’ll soon find yourself rewarded with instant traffic and a large audience complimenting your efforts.

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