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How To Earn Money By Playing BGMI in India?

Are you searching for simple ways to earn money by playing a BGMI? I am glad to tell you that you are in a good place. Here in this blog, I will tell you the best ways to earn money by playing BGMI. 

If you are an excellent esports player and you are looking to make some money through your fun-loving passion, then we are here to help you. Many esports players turn into millionaires by just playing their favorite esports. 

Popular YouTubers who make content on esports are now earning more money than many people doing a regular job. Content creators Of BGMI like Dynamo, IG Mortal, Scout op, and many more are now among the wealthiest esports player in India.

By Youtube and Other Livestreaming Apps


Youtube is a boon for an esports player across; it allows players to upload their gameplay videos on its platform. I also give you the option to live stream your gameplay on Youtube so that your audience can watch you playing the game. Youtube allows BGMI and all other esports players to monetize their Youtube channel through its Youtube Partner Program. YouTubers can monetize their Youtube channel fulfills if their channel passes the eligibility criteria of the Youtube partner program. 

By uploading content on Youtube, BGMI players will get money and become famous among the other BGMI users.

Other streaming platforms

If you don’t want to use Youtube for your streaming, I would suggest some alternatives to Youtube. These platforms will also enable you to earn money by monetizing your content. Other gaming streaming platforms are Twitch, Nimo TV, Facebook Gaming, Booyah, and Discord. 

However, you will earn less money in comparison to Youtube. But it is also a fact that you will get less competition on these platforms.

Earn Money By Playing BGMI Tournaments

Another best way to earn money by playing the BGMI game is by participating in BGMI tournaments. You can participate in the esports tournaments that Krafton holds, and you can also join tournaments organized by other organizations, websites, and apps. 

The prize pool of tournaments that Krafton organizes is much higher than any other tournament. Like Krafton recently released the prize pool for BGMI 2022 tournaments. The total prize pool is six crores for the upcoming BGMI 2022 tournament.

However, there is massive competition in these tournaments because many professional esports teams of India will participate.

So to participate in these tournaments, you also need a good team that can compete with some big esports players.

You can find information on how to join BGMI tournaments 2022 in this article.

Don’t get disappointed if you cannot participate in this tournament. You can join esports tournaments organized by apps, websites, and other platforms. 

Although the prize pool is much less than Krafton’s BGMI tournament, you can easily participate in these tournaments. The entry fees of these types of tournaments are not much higher, and even some of these apps also provide free entry. There are two types of earning modules in these apps; one is you will get paid if you finish in the first, second, and third rank.

And the second type is pay per kill which means you will get money for the number of kills you made in the game. These apps will typically give 5 to 20rs per kill; it varies from app to app. For Example, if you give ten rupees as a joining fee and you eliminate (kill) 10 players during the match. Then you will get ten rupees (it depends) per kill, which makes a total of 70 rupees. So just by investing 10 rupees, you will get 70 in return.

However, this also carries some risks, like losing your money if you fail to win the tournaments or eliminate other players. 

So think before joining these apps, and my advice for you is to enter tournaments with free entry fees.


There are numerous ways to earn money as a BGMI esports player. The esports industry is growing rapidly, and in the future, people will want to make a career in this industry. Video streaming services like Youtube played a significant role in growing esports and the gaming industry. Many more platforms will come in the future for esports players that allow you to become rich by playing your favorite esports like BGMI. 

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