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Total Gaming Face Reveal in 2023? : Here is What Ajju Bhai said in an Interview

Ajju Bhai, better known as Total Gaming, is widely popular in the Free Fire community. Ajay is an Indian YouTuber who live streams the Free Fire gameplay videos on his YouTube channel Total Gaming. Total Gaming is also the most subscribed Gaming YouTube channel, with over 34.4+ Million subscribers in India.

Despite this considerable popularity, no one knows who Total Gaming is or the face behind the voice. So in this guide, we will share some important announcements of Ajju bhai on his face reveal. Keep going with this guide in which we will share the answers related to the Total Gaming face reveal in 2023.

The recent podcast series “Gamers Unplugged with Dynamo Gaming” featured Ajju Bhai. The podcast discussed many topics, including the most awaited case, Ajju Bhai’s Face Reveal in 2023.

Total Gaming Face Reveal in 2023? : Here is what Ajju Bhai Said in an Interview

In subject to face reveal, Ajju Bhai stated:

Since the beginning, my primary objective in Gaming has been to find friends with whom I could play. Coming to the face reveal topic, I think my direct object was to find friends, and I got an audience. Now I am doing my job by entertaining the audience. My aim is not limited to fame and face reveals. That’s why I am not focusing on my face reveal.

Ajju Bhai

So, here is the question Will Ajju Bhai reveal his face or not?

On this, he added in his statement:

When it comes to face reveal, I have decided to reveal my face in the upcoming year 2023 or 2025, and since the beginning of January 2023, I have felt pressured and tensed about showing my face. I could do my face reveal in this ending year, 2023.

Ajju Bhai

Ajju Bhai’s thoughts on face reveal

In the podcast, when Dynamo asked about Ajju Bhai’s opinion on face reveal

The more you remain silent, the more it is beneficial. If people recognize you, then there is pressure from society on you, and I do not feel this pressure while making YouTube videos. If I reveal my face, social anxiety will also be on me. Because when people start knowing you, you also go into depression somewhere due to the fear of society. Everyone on the internet is pretending, and that’s why the internet is so bad.

Ajju Bhai

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