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TSG Jash Age , Name, Girlfriend and Free Fire Uid.

Tsg Jash is co-founder of the Two side gamer YouTuber channel along with Tsg Ritik. Two side gamer is the first duo channel of Free Fire content creation on youTube in India.

In this article, I will tell you tsg Jash biography.

In his biography, you will also find TSG Jash girlfriend name along with his real name, age, Free Fire Uid,

Real Name and age of Jash

The real name of Tsg Jash is Jash Dhoka and his age is 20 years ( birthdate is January).

Tsg jash photo

Tsg Jash Girlfriend Name

Tsg jash girlfriend name is Nidhi Parekh.
JASH recently revealed his girlfriend name and face on his Youtube channel.

He uploaded one video with his girlfriend with a facecam in which he gave her a 5-minute challenge.

Jash Dhoka asked his girlfriend to spend ten thousand diamond in the Tsg Ritik account within 5-minute if she completed this challenge then Jash will give her an Apple watch and some money.

But his girlfriend Nidhi Parekh failed to complete this challenge.

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YouTube channel of Nidhi Parekh

Jash’s girlfriend also has a youtube channel named Fukrey vlogs in which she uploads videos of the vlog.


YouTube Channels

Tsg Ritik and Tsg Dhoka started a youtube channel named twosidegamer in 2017.
This channel is India’s first duo gaming YouTube channel.

They have some other youtube channel also their names are respectively two side shorts, Tsg army, Tsg foodies.

Two Side Shorts has 8.8 lakh subscribers, TSG ARMY has 2.4 million, Two side foodies has 2.98 lakh

Free Fire Uid, Name, Likes, Rank and Level

Jash’s Free Fire Uid is 123643969 and his Free Fire name is TSG JASH. He receives more than 50k likes in his Id. His level in Free Fire is 70 and his current rank in season 21 is the heroic emblem.

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