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Lokesh Gamer Girlfriend, Biography, Sister, and Free Fire ID

In this article, I will tell you the biography of Lokesh Gamer. In which I mention all the personal details of Lokesh Gamer like name, age, birthplace, parents,hometown, girlfriend name, lifestyle and many other details.

As the royale battle games continously gaining popularity in India, more and more esports players are becoming popular. Lokesh gamer is one such popular gamer on Youtube.

Lokesh Gamer Full Name

The full name of Lokesh Gamer is Lokesh Raj Singh.

Lokesh Gamer Age

His age is about 18 years and according to some sources he lives in his hometown in Hyderabad with his family members. He didn’t reveal information about his family yet. But we know he has a cute sister named Riya Raj.

Youtube Career

According to Youtube, he started his channel Lokesh Gamer in 16 November 2017. And he started uploading videos of his gameplay. He usually play Free Fire and he become famous by playing Free Fire.

Total 598 videos currently he uploads on his Youtube channel and got 40 million views and his total subscriber is more than 12.9 million currently.

Lokesh has another Youtube channel named LR7 Gaming. This channel is manageg by both Lokesh and Moon. In this channel you can watch Free Fire live gameplay streaming of Lokesh and Lr 7 .

Some other members of Lr7 gaming are Lr7 Vishal, Lr7 Shivam, Vikas Gamer and Lr7 Ezio. Sometime they also stream Free Fire gameplay on Lr7 gaming channel.


He is very fun-loving guy and highly ambitious. His lifestyle looks luxurious. Recently he bought a new sports bike named Kawasaki z900. He loves spending money on luxury items. His FREE FIRE id is one of the most expensive UID in Free Fire.

lokesh gamer photo

Lokesh Gamer Girlfriend Name

lokesh gamer girlfriend photo
Images taken from Instagram Id of Nikita

Lokesh Gamer has not revealed his relationship status, but he puts a profile picture with a girl and he also keeps a highlight in his Instagram Id where he clearly said he loves this girl so we can assume that she is the girlfriend of Lokesh Gamer.

We know that Lokesh Gamer’s girlfriend name is Nikita. Instagram id of lr7 Moon is iammoon.in here is the link of his id.


His girlfriend also plays Free Fire game. Lokesh Gamer’s girlfriend Id is 343764960 her nickname in Free Fire is LR7 Nikita ( lr7 moon) .

She is a member of the LR7 team.

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Lr7 Moon also opened his new youtube channel named LR7 MOON where she upload prank videos.

Here is her channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMOG5gTohXpJLCTQNQlE3Pw

Free Fire ID and Name

Free Fire UID of Lokesh gamer is 220528068 and his name in Free Fire is LOKESHGAMER7.

lokeshgamer free fire id photo

Instagram ID


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