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5 Best Female Characters in Free Fire 2022

Garena Free Fire offers a wide range of characters. The game developers mostly launches a new character with almost every update. Currently, there are around 40 characters out of which around 15 are female characters. In this article, we will look at the 5 best female characters in free fire 2022.

Characters play an important role on the battlefield as they all have abilities and skills that differ from each other. Each character has its own strong and weak points. The players get a lot of benefits from the character’s ability. So it is very important to choose the right one.

Here is the list of the best female characters in free fire 2022

  1. A124
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A124 is one of the most prominent female characters in the game. She has an active ability named ‘ Thrill of Battle’. This ability is very helpful for the players at the battleground as it converts 20 EP into HP within just 4 seconds and that is also at the initial level.

But as the level increases from the primary level, it converts more EP into HP within the same 4 seconds and its cooldown time always remains 10 seconds.

  1. Kelly
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Kelly is one of the lists of earliest characters.
The ability of Kelly is called ‘Dash’. It increases the sprinting speed by 1% which is very useful in reaching the safe zone easily.

As the level increases, the sprinting speed also increases by 1 more percentage respectively. Kelly is also useful in clash squad mode and she is also a good choice for skill combos.

  1. Moco

Moco is one of the most affordable characters with decent ability and skill. She has a passive ability called ‘Hacker’s Eye’ or ‘Enigma’s Eye’. This ability allows her to tag enemies shot for 2 seconds and information will be shared with the teammates.

After moving from the initial level, moco can tag enemies for more time and info will get shared with the teammates. She is also helpful in squad games and good for skill combos.

  1. Laura
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Laura has a special survival ability called ‘Sharp Shooter’. This ability increases the accuracy by 10% while scoped in. Also she is an outstanding special agent.

At level 1, the accuracy increases by 10%, but as the level moves up the accuracy also moves up respectively. At its peak which is at level 6, the accuracy upgrades by 35% while scoped in.

  1. Xayne
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Xayne is an extreme sports athlete. She has an active ability called ‘Xtreme Encounter’. This ability allows the player to get 80 HP temporarily. It also increases the damage to gloo walls and shields by 40%. It lasts for 10 seconds and the cooldown seconds is 150 at its basic level.

But in the game, as the level increases the damage provided to the gloo walls and shield also increases and the cooldown seconds decreases. At last at level 6, the damage gets increased by 100%.


So these are the 5 best female characters in free Fire to look in this year 2022. We chose these characters based upon their ability. It can vary from user to user so if you think that any other player can become popular this year, then let us know in the comment section.

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