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6 Ways To Get Free Silver Fragments In BGMI 2022

BGMI has several in-game currencies such as AG (Ace Gold), UC, BP, Silver Fragments. You will need these currencies to purchase the in-game items. So in this article, we will look at how you can get free silver fragments in BGMI.

You can get these currencies as a reward except the Unknown Cash (UC). To purchase UC, one has to pay real currency. With silver fragments, you can buy outfits, weapons, gun skins, cosmetics, etc., from the in-game store.

Most of the players don’t know how they can get free silver fragments in BGMI. So keep reading this article to know about it.

Get Free Silver Fragments Are

1. From Events

In BGMI, you can participate in many events to get free silver fragments in the form of rewards. Players can earn three silver for login every third day. You can get rewards directly sometimes in seasonal events.

Players can also participate in the lucky draw, lucky spin, and other events executed by BGMI. But these events are paid for as you have to spend UC for this. If the luck is with you, maybe you get some great rewards; otherwise, you will receive silver fragments, crate coupons, etc.

2. By Opening Crates

Now, there are several crates available for the BGMI players to obtain the fragments of silver into their inventory. You can get it from the supply crate, custom crate, classic crate, fatal strike crate.

One more good thing is that now you can win silver even from the Soldier’s crate by adopting an easy trick. The reason behind it is that you get BP from this crate, but you can convert BP into Silver Fragments.

3. Collect Silver Fragments From Clan

You can also win free silver fragments if you are a leader/captain of a clan or just a member of it. There are two possible ways to obtain silver. First, as soon as you complete your clan training and personal motive, you will get silver for that.

The second way of winning the silver fragments completely depends on the other members of the clan. Because whenever they get items from the crate that are epic and rare, you will earn silver fragments.

4. From Season Rewards

Getting silver fragments from the season rewards is one of the oldest ways. BGMI rewards every player with several silver fragments at the end of every season. But the number of fragments may differ from player to player Because you will be rewarded with silver-based upon the tier you achieve in the season.

The minimum is 200 Silver Fragments when someone achieves the Bronze Tier and whereas the maximum amount is 2000 Silver Fragments when the player obtains the Conquerer Tier.

5. Obtain Silver From Missions

This one may be the simplest way to get silver fragments. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, a Mission section under which players can get rewards via Progress Mission.

You can get free silver fragments after reaching certain levels and in-game achievements. One can also get silver from Royale Pass Mission.

6. By Playing With Your Old Friends

Another way of obtaining silver fragments is playing with your old BGMI friends. If you play a classic match with your old friend, you will earn 1 point. Later, you redeem your points into silver fragments and earn approximately 15 silver fragments.


So these are the best ways we have researched for you to get the free silver fragments in BGMI. I hope this article helps you reach to get the silver fragments, so hurry up and grab them.

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