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5 Best RPG Minecraft Mods In 2023

Minecraft is still the game of choice for many gamers, especially those into role-playing games. It may have started as a simple game, but it has grown into so much more. There are thousands of mods for the game, making it even more enjoyable. This blog willl tell you the five best RPG Minecraft Mods in 2022.

Mods bring a ton of new content to Minecraft. From new mobs, biomes, and items to changes in the behavior of in-game entities, they increase replayability and add a sense of realism to the game by allowing one to explore different worlds to discover all sorts of new places. In this article, we’ll look at the best RPG Minecraft mods to add more excitement to your Minecraft gameplay.

5 Best RPG Minecraft Mods

1. Ice And Fire: Dragons

ice and fire mod is the best rpg mod in minecraft photo
Ice And Fire Mod

The ice and fire is a mod that adds dragons into the mix. This mod doesn’t necessarily add RPG elements, but it sets the stage with a true fantasy setting inspired by Lord of The Rings and classic fantasy. Wizards, magic, mystical creatures, and more are now part of your Minecraft world.

This mod takes a more medieval approach to its structures and mobs. Dragons are powerful and easily take you out from hundreds of blocks away. If you try to flee, they’ll tear apart everything you know and love without mercy. Trolls, Cyclops, Sirens, and more roam the land and interact in distinct ways. Ice and Fire mod gives a realistic feeling of playing a classic RPG game.

2. Space Dimensions Mod

space dimensions mod photo
Space Dimension Mod

The space dimensions mod does exactly what it promises. The mod adds new space-themed dimensions to Minecraft. These include the moon and mars, like different hues of space clouds. 

Additionally, this mod gives creators of mod packs the freedom to add their dimensions by crafting dimension crystals in-game, which will help players enter any customizable world they want. Different sets of changed aspects in each dimension make gameplay more fun, such as varying gravity levels, skybox, and resources like ores to harvest.

3. Electroblob’s Wizardry

Electroblob's Wizardry minecraft rpg mod
Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod

The electroblob’s Wizardry is a no-hassle mod that adds wizards, spells, and magic wands. You can revive the head, saturate yourself, breathe fire, and wear cool hats. This magic mod resembles an RPG in the truest sense, with different levels of progression and mastery that will indicate your progress as a wizard.

By finding spell books, wands, and scrolls, visiting wizard towers and ancient runes, you too can become a wizard of legend. With over 172 adventurers in their roster, each one is unique.? If that doesn’t sufficiently fuel your appetite, there are numerous add-ons linked on the Wizards of the Coast website which can be combined to enhance the experience. 

4. Animania

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Animania Mod

Everyone has seen the typical voxel-shaped animals in Minecraft, like sheep, cows, and pigs roaming about. Much of Animania’s appeal lies in its vast menagerie of creatures that require a vast amount of different form factors to be designed, so it doesn’t feel repetitive. For example, Flugsauriers are giant birds procedurally generated by our proprietary algorithm to ensure total uniqueness.

The mod also expands more on what the base game offers, providing new breeds and types of animals. There are eight different types of cows! Perfect for budding Minecraft farmers, Animania allows you to craft salt licks, troughs, and pig slop. The animals will go nuts for it! And if you feel that the sea is a bit empty, you can add in Aquaculture 2 to mod in over 30 new species of aquatic friends.

5. Aether 2: Genesis Of The Void

Aether 2: Genesis Of The Void rpg mod in minecraft
Aether 2 Mod

If you’re looking for a new experience in Minecraft that doesn’t alter the game too much, the Aether Mod will be a good start. This mod gives you access to a portal that takes you away to an area with nothing but white clouds – it’s essentially heaven above The Nether’s hell.

There’s new stuff to explore – such as Ambrosium and Gravitate – new dungeons to crawl, new armor to wear. Also, you’ll there are many secrets you can uncover contained in this mod. You can find green, purple, storm aerclouds, and drop new continuum ore.

Finishing Up 

Mods can be a ton of fun for the avid Minecraft player. It becomes more than just survival and fighting mobs. You experience the best RPG Minecraft mods where you get to do quests and build a kingdom with your friends, which unlocks a whole new experience.

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