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Arisudan Yt Uid, Real Name, and Free Fire Stats

Arisudan YT is an emerging Free Fire Youtuber from West Bengal in India. YouTubers like Arisudan are also getting popular among Free Fire lovers because of their gameplay style. So in this article, we will look at his Free Fire stats and Youtube channel. You will also get Arisudan Yt Uid, Instagram Id and Free Fire stats.

Arisudan Yt’s Real Name and Hometown

Arisudan Yt’s real name is Arisudan Tapadar, and he lives in West Bengal, India. He uploads his gameplay, prank and challenge videos in the Hindi language.

Arisudan YT Uid, Level, and Free Fire Profile 

Arisudan YT UID number is 1595237423 ; he is currently on 61 levels of Free Fire, as you can see in his Free Fire profile. He has almost 9k likes on his Free Fire Id.

arisudan yt uid number and free fire profile

Free Fire Battle Royale Overall Stats 

Solo: Arisudan Bhai played a total of 608 games in solo, and he won 31 games with 1063 kills.

Duo: In Duo mode, Arisudan YT played 634 games in which he won 38 games and eliminated 629 players.

Squad: Arisudan bhai played the most matches in the squad mode, and he won 180 games out of 1540 with 1791 kills.

Free Fire Clash Squad Mode Stats

In the clash squad mode, Arisudan played 5712 games and won 3469 games with 34237 eliminations. His KDA ratio in the clash squad is also impressive, which stands at 1.96.

Youtube Channel 

Arisudan Tapadar started his Youtube channel Arisudan YT in 2021 with zero subscribers, and now he has 569k subscribers. He is a member of the NXT guild and mostly played with the member of the NXT team. He uploads his gameplay, prank and player challenge videos on his Youtube channel. His prank and player challenge videos are a treat to watch out. It looks like his viewers enjoy the prank videos, so he keeps uploading them.

He added many subscribers to his Youtube channel when some of his Short videos went viral. His short videos are getting 400k to 500k views, and that’s a huge number. Even some of his videos are crossing the more than 1 million mark. 

Instagram Id – https://www.instagram.com/aritapadar4/

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