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Top 5 Best Girl Free Fire Players in India

Garena Free Fire has become very popular worldwide, and it is among the most downloaded games across the world. Free Fire has Millions of daily active users. Some players play this game for fun, but some have made it their profession. Hence, this article will tell about some of the best girl Free Fire players.

We all know that Garena conducts many Free Fire events and tournaments regionally and globally. And many players have proven their gaming skills and become popular globally. Also, female players have been equally ruling the game and have gained fame.

It creates curiosity among us about who these players are. So in this article, we will discuss about the best female players in Free Fire. 

The list of 5 best girl Free Fire players is 

1. LR7 Moon 

LR7 Moon is among the top Indian Girl Free Fire players
Image via Instagram account of LR7 Moon

LR7 Moon is a top-rated and well-known Free Fire player, and she is also a fantastic vlogger. Her real name is Nikita. Her gaming skills are really praiseworthy. Moreover, she loves to play in the squad mode of Free Fire.

LR7 Moon mostly uploads funny videos on her Youtube channel. She has around 4.88 lakh subscribers (as of August 2022), and soon she will have 5 lakh subscribers. 

You won’t get surprised to know that she is a member of the Lokesh Gamer Team (LR7 Team). She is also very fond of vlogging and uploads fun vlogs frequently. The Free Fire Uid of LR7 Moon is 343764960.

2. Sunita Thapa Magar

Sunita Thapa is one of the best female Free Fire players of Nepal
Image via Instagram account of Sunita Thapa

Sunita Thapa Magar is a well-recognized Free Fire player from Nepal. She is pretty, very famous for her fantastic gameplay. She is a multi-talented player and a tremendous content creator and streamer.

Furthermore, on her youtube channel Sooneeta, she has around 56 lakh subscribers as of now. Here she uploads videos about her gameplays, funny videos, reaction videos, and live streams. 

Sunita has participated in many Free Fire tournaments and has got success. Also, she is a member of Team Lava. Sunita’s Free Fire uid number is 131311296.

3. OPG Cookie

Image via Instagram account of OPG Cookie

OPG Cookie has gained a lot of name and fame in recent years. She is known for her attacking gameplay and mainly plays with her squad. Also, her moving speed on the battlefield is mindblowing, and she perfectly uses the gloo walls. 

OPG is also a Youtuber, and her youtube channel name is Cookie. She has more than 39.6 thousand subscribers on her channel, where she uploads funny and gameplay videos. 

She is among the best girl Free Fire players in India. Her gaming id number in Free Fire is 355142336. OPG Cookie is also a Booyah Streamer. 

4. Miss Diya

Miss Diya is popularly known as BlackPink Gaming. She is very quick on the battleground and loves to play fearlessly. Moreover, she likes to play with shotguns. She often uploads her gameplay videos on her youtube channel. 

Image via Instagram account of BlackPink Gaming

The name of her youtube channel is BlackPink Gaming. On her channel, she has around 12.1 lakh subscribers. Along with her gameplay postings, she also posts funny videos and youtube shorts.

Miss Diya is also known as the Super Sniper girl player. 558477413 is the Free Fire uid number of Miss Diya.

5. Nigah Gaming

Image via Instagram account of Nigah Imtiyaz

Nigah Gaming’s real name is Nigah Imtiyaz. She is a fantastic Free Fire player and a great content creator on youtube. Above all, her gameplay style is very different and unique. She mostly plays with A_S Gaming.

Nigah often comes live on her youtube channel Nigah Gaming and sometimes also uploads humorous videos and her gameplay streaming videos. Recently, her youtube channel has completed 21 thousand subscribers. The Free Fire Uid number of Nigah is 3798561341


So these five players mentioned above are our best girl Free Fire players. All of these players have gained a good name in the Free Fire community. We have chosen these players by doing adequate research. Any other player can be the best for someone else, so there is no specific order for this.

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