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5 Best Gun Combinations In Free Fire 2022

As you already know that Garena offers a wide range of weapons to its users. But the most important thing for a player is to choose the best guns to perform better in the battleground.So in this article, we will look at some of the best gun combinations in Free Fire.

As no weapon is perfect for all short, mid and long ranges. By using gun combinations you can perform better than by using a single gun.

Most of the new players have just a little knowledge of guns and gun combinations. So further in this blog, you will get to know about the best gun combinations to use in the battleground.

The 5 Best Gun Combinations In Free Fire Are

1. AK + M1887

The combination of AK and M1887 can be very destructive on the battleground. As the AK has a decent range and has high damage while M1887 is best in terms of mid and short-range and has very high damage.

Most of the pro players prefer this combination of AK and M1887 because along with high damage this combo has also a good rate of fire.


Woodpecker and MP40 together deliver a tremendous combo. This combination allows players to shoot enemies for both close and high range.

When the opponents are at a long distance, you can use the woodpecker as the range and damage are high for this gun. The MP40 can be disastrous when the foes are close since its range is low.


SKS and Scar are one of the balanced sniper rifles. They are ideal guns for amateurs. SKS is a long-range Marksman rifle with awfully great damage and also it has fair accuracy.

The Scar is a very stable assault rifle. This gun provides sufficient damage and range and because of this it is perfectly fit to use for beginners.

4. XM8 + M1014

XM8 is an assault rifle and M1014 is a shotgun but the combo of both these guns is very fatal for the short and mid-range. These two can not give the desired results for the long-range.

The XM8 rifle is favourable and stable for shooting down the enemies at the mid-range while the M1014 is suitable to instantly decimate your nearby foes.

5. SVD + AUG

This duo of SVD and AUG is relatively rare but can be lethal for the rivals at the mid to long-range. SVD is a significant automatic sniper rifle and it appears only in airdrops and resupply points.

The SVD rifle gives high damage and has a long-range and the AUG rifle is useful to kneel the enemies that are approximately at the mid-range. Moreover, it gives satisfactory damage to the enemy.

Conclusion :

As you all know that it’s very difficult to compete with enemies at long and short ranges with a single weapon. That’s why we have researched the best gun combinations for you in the free fire. So whenever you will go to the battleground in the free fire next time, try these amazing combinations.

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