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Top 10 Guns in Free Fire 2022 

In this article, I will show you the top 10 guns in free fire 2022. After the latest Free Fire OB31 update, these ten will be the most powerful guns in the upcoming year 2022. 

Free Fire has a wide range of weapons, including guns, grenades, crossbows, axes, and many other small weapons. But Free Fire guns are the best weapons to kill enemies more instantly and accurately than any other weapon. 

Most players prefer guns over other weapons in Free Fire. So in this article, I will tell you briefly about the top ten guns of Free Fire.

1 AWM: Awm is a sniper gun, and it is one of the most dangerous guns in Free Fire. It gives 90 damage to the enemy with 90 accuracies. 

The range of this gun is also 91. 

2 M1887 – This short gun gives 100 damage, the highest among Free Fire guns. But M1887 has a 21 range which is lower than any other gun. It also has a low accuracy of 10. However gun is the most powerful shot guns in Free Fire currently.

3 Ak:– Ak is allround gun in Free Fire. It is a rifle gun but is suitable for mid-range and short-range firearms. Regular Ak gun has 61 damage, 72 range with 42 accuracies. The other gun skins of Ak have more damage and fire rate than its standard gun.

4 MP40:  is a submachine gun with an insane rate of fire. This gun is mainly used for short-range. The accuracy and damage power are lower in comparison to other guns. However, one can consider this gun because of its high rate of fire.

5 Scar: Scar is the most balanced rifle in Free Fire. The rate of fire, damage, range, and moment speed in scar guns is above 50, which is considered suitable for any rifle. Garena Free Fire also offers various gun skins for Scar. After using gun skins, the Scar features will increase.

6 SKS: SKS is my favorite gun because this semi-automatic sniper rifle gun comes with pre-attached 4x scope. It has given more damage than any other rifle gun within a long-range.

7 Groza:  Groza gives damage of 82 on fire with 52 accuracies. It is one of the most robust rifles in Free Fire. It has also offered a reasonable range for players to shoot.

8 Desert Eagle: This short-range gun has a very high damage rate. This gun also offers a good range among pistols. Many players prefer this gun pistol over other shotguns.

9 XM8 – XM8 gun has a reasonable damage rate with a good rate of fire. This gun comes with pre-attached 2x scope, which makes this a perfect mid-range rifle.

10 MP5 – This submachine gun has a reasonable rate of fire(76), and the reloading speed of mp5 is also breakneck. MP5 is a more stable submachine than any other.


In game guns are backbone of royale battle games. They are very important factor in deciding the fate of players. Many players does’nt have a knowledge about Free Fire guns. They don’t know which are the best guns in Free Fire. That’s why we brought this article for such players. In above article I mentioned top 10 guns in Free Fire in upcoming year 2022.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you got some good piece of information about guns in Free Fire game.

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