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Top 5 Best Gun Skin in Free Fire 2022

The battle royale game Garena Free Fire has a good collection of guns and gun skins. Garena offers numerous unique gun skins to the players. So in this article, we will look at the best gun skin in free fire 2022. Gun skins also play a vital role in the battleground. Garena often introduces new gun skins from time to time. Some gun skins are very powerful and are more dangerous than guns without skin.

Every player wants a good gun skin because it enhances the gun look and more importantly, it boosts the gun’s overall stats. That’s why gun skins are in great demand in the free fire game.

The game offers these gun skins in a few ways such as by purchasing through Free Fire diamonds, by using weapon loot crates, by using free fire spin and win contests or by redeem codes or you can get it in free fire events. Most of the new users along with some old users might get confused in choosing the best gun skins because of their various kinds of availability. So we will help you to choose the best gun skins in the free fire.

Here, is the list of best gun skins in free fire 2022

  1. Crazy Bunny Mp40
crazzy bunny best gun skin of mp40 in free fire 2022 photo
Image via free fire, mp40 crazy bunny gun skin in free fire

When we search for the best gun skins the first name that comes is crazy bunny mp40. This gun skin was first introduced by Garena in 2019. After that, it became very popular among the free fire community.

The main reason for its popularity is that this skin increases the range and damage of the mp40 gun and that’s why it is considered as best among all. But it has one drawback also that it decreases the magazine capacity.

  1. Blue Flame Draco AK
blue flame draco ak gun skin photo
Image via free fire, blue flame draco gun skin in the game free fire

Blue Flame Draco Ak is one of the most well-known AK gun skins. This is the first upgradable gun skin launched by garena. This gun skin was added in 2020.

It improves the rate of fire along with damage. But it results in reducing the movement speed which is not a big concern. Because it is upgradable, it costs high to maximise the level to its peak.

  1. Ultimate Titan Scar
ultimate titan scar gun skin image
Image via free fire

Ultimate Titan Scar skin is considered to be the deadliest weapon skin. It enhances the gun’s power greatly. It is a sliver bright green coloured gun skin. The skin is used by most of the pro players.

This gun skin slightly increases the damage done by the gun but the firing gets doubled after acquiring this skin. The only concern is about the magazine capacity gets reduced but that doesn’t affect much.

  1. Tropical parrot m1887
tropical parrot m1887 gun skin png image
Image via free fire

M1887 is a shotgun that already has extremely high damage. But after getting the tropical parrot skin the gun becomes more deadly. This gun skin is also very popular because of the damage caused by it.

The tropical parrot skin increases the damage highly that results in fatal for the enemies and it also increases the accuracy of the gun. But the range gets diminished which is not a big deal.

  1. Spikey Spine AN94
an94 spikey spine gun skin photo
Image via gurugamer

AN94 is an assault rifle in garena free fire that has good damage, range and rate of fire. But after getting the spikey spine gun skin the firing rate of AN94 gets doubled and an increment is also seen in the range.

This gun skin has a very elegant look. It is mostly coloured in purple but also have blue and white stains. The gun reduces the magazine capacity that is not a great issue.


The guns and the gun skins are very crucial because they directly affect the player’s performance on the battlefield. As there are various kinds of gun skins available players don’t know which gun skin should they choose. That’s why I have mentioned the 5 best gun skin in free fire for the year 2022.

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