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5 Best Gun Skins In Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max has a huge collection of weapons like guns and grenades. It has also launched a large number of gun skins to strengthen the influence of guns. With this article, you will get to know about the best gun skins in Free Fire Max.

Gun skins are extremely important on the battlefield as they enhance the gun’s attributes which helps the players to rank. Also, the gun skin brings an impressive look to the gun. You can get the gun skins from the in-game store via diamonds.

However, not all gun skins are permanent but you can get some free permanent gun skins. But some gun skins are very limited and getting rare gun skins is quite hard.

Now, we will look at the best gun skins in Free Fire Max that can make you stronger on the battlefield.

The five best gun skins in Free Fire Max are :

1. Blood Moon Scar

Blood Moon Scar is the best gun skin in free fire max photo

Blood Moon Scar is one of the best gun skins of Scar gun. This gun skin is capable of increasing the damage and range of the gun. On the other hand, the blood moon decreases the original accuracy of the Scar gun in Free Fire.

Like other gun skins, it is also available in loot crates. It is also available in the in-game store for 40 diamonds.

2. Ak Flaming Red

ak flaming red is the second best gun skin in free fire max photo

Ak Flaming Red is a very glamorous gun skin. The golden coloured shades in the gun skin provide an impressive look to the gun skin. It is also one of the finest gun skins of Ak.

Along with its superb look, it also enriches the overall stats of the gun. After acquiring this gun skin, the damage caused by the gun increases along with the range. But the only shortcoming is that its magazine capacity decreases.

3. XM8 Destiny Guardian

xm8 destiny guardian gun skin of free fire max photo

XM8 Destiny Guardian is an evolutionary gun skin that was first available in the Luck Royale section through the Faded Wheel Event. This gun skin has blue, silver and gold colours in it.

If you want to get additional damages to your foes then attack from the high areas. The gun skin enhances the rate of fire along with the damage created by the gun. However, Destiny Guardian slightly diminishes the reload speed of the gun.

4. Cyber Bounty Hunter

aug cyber bounty hunter gun skin

This violet coloured AUG gun skin, Cyber Bounty Hunter was introduced after the OB25 update in the weapon royale section. The Cyber Bounty Hunter is one of the impressive Assault rifle gun skins in Free Fire Max.

After getting this gun skin, it doubles the rate of fire of the gun and also enhances the accuracy. But it barely decreases the range of the gun.

5. Sneaky Clown MP40

mp40 gun skin image

This MP40 gun skin is favourable for close-range battles. Mp40 gun has already a good rate of fire but when players equip the Sneaky Clown gun skin then the rate of fire increases to the next level.

Along with the increasing rate of fire, the magazine capacity of the gun also rises. On the other hand, the range of the gun weakens but it does not affect the all-around stats of the gun.


All the above-mentioned gun skins are not arranged in any order (like increasing or decreasing). We have suggested these gun skins in Free Fire Max based on their strengths.

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