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How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

As you start your journey in Minecraft, you need to make some basic items to survive, like a house, doors, bed, etc. So in this article, you will find the complete procedure on how you can make a bed in Minecraft

A bed in the game can help in various ways, such as directly skipping the in-game nighttime to prevent you from the deadly mobs, letting you set your spawn point, etc. Moreover, making a bed is a simple and easy process, unlike other items. 

What are beds in Minecraft?

A bed in Minecraft is a type of block that you can place somewhere and can sleep over it during the night. Moreover, you can also use the beds to fix your spawn point. 

Materials required to craft a bed in Minecraft 

While making a bed, the first thing you need to do is to collect the necessary items. So the items required to craft a bed are as follows.

  • Wooden planks (3)
  • Wool blocks of the same colour (3)

Now remember one thing you can collect wood of different types, but the wool should be of the same colour. It’s because the colour of the wool would be the colour of the bedsheet. 

How to get wooden planks in Minecraft 

To get wooden planks, you have to chop a tree in the crafting area. Moreover, you can use your fists, tools, or weapons to chop the trees. 

How to get wool in Minecraft 

The process of getting wool is a little more complicated than that of wood. It’s because you have to either kill a sheep or use a shear to collect wool from sheep. 

How to make a bed in Minecraft 

After collecting the necessary items to craft a bed, follow the steps mentioned below to make a bed. 

Step 1: After having all the required items, open the crafting menu and then the 3×3 crafting table.


Image via Minecraft

Step 2: After that, place the 3 wooden planks in the 2nd row of the crafting table. Thereafter, put the 3 wool blocks in the 1st row, as indicated in the image given below.

Image via Minecraft

Step 3: Your bed is ready to use once you are done with the above process. Now you can keep the bed in any safe place like your house. Further, you will always spawn near your bed when you get out of the game.

Bonus Tip: Do you know that you can make around 16 different colours of bed in Minecraft? But now you’re wondering how it is possible. So you can get a bed of around 6 colours directly with the wool of the sheep, and for more colours, you have to dye the wool of the sheep first. 

Main uses of a bed in Minecraft 

As we have already discussed, some of its basic uses such as passing a night directly, avoiding mobs, etc. But now let’s learn some of the other uses of beds.

  • Avoid fighting with mobs during the night.
  • Use the beds to skip the nights during thunderstorms and mob attacks.
  • Utilize the bed to set your spawn point.
  • You can also use the bed for zombie curing.
  • Beds can also act as explosives when used outside the overworld.
  • To jump on beds as they decrease the fall damage in Minecraft. 

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