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BGMI Removed From Playstore : Official Reason Behind BGMI Banned

Suddenly, BGMI removed from playstore & app store. It is really sad News for BGMI lovers.

But what was the reason behind this?

Well, don’t get fret. We are going to reveal that!

After PUBG was banned its alternative was launched i.e. BGMI. And it has quickly become one of Steam’s most popular online multiplayer games. Nowadays, there are millions of BGMI players.

Meanwhile, a company representative said. That they have been removing BGMI from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Because they were not following guidelines.

But is this the right reason?

Read on!

Main Reason Why BGMI Removed from Playstore

Google and Apple removed the game from their platform after receiving an Indian govt. order.

But why?

BGMI has been temporarily ban in India under section 69A of the I.T act.

Yes, this is true!

The designers or developers of BGMI reputedly shared the data of Indian users with china.

One child who played the game ‘BGMI’ killed his mother. The incident took place in Lucknow last month. Therefore, it is not even suitable for children.

All because of this Govt. has decided to remove it from both platforms. Even this is the same thing that happened when PUBG was banned.

Will BGMI be Banned In India?

BGMI removed from playstore & app store because it violated some terms of service. Users who already have BGMI downloaded on their smartphones can still play. But the company has just released an update, which could lead to a ban.

Android smartphone users and even iOS users, both can still enjoy playing the game. But it will not for long. So, users should be careful when downloading the app from unknown sources. Currently, the game servers are working fine. And the users who still have the game installed can still enjoy it.


Under section 69A of the I.T act, the BGMI has been temporary ban in India. BGMI has been temporarily blocked due to sharing data with China. So, there is no word on when it will be available again. Maybe it removes only for a few days. We have tried our best to provide you with the latest news on this topic. Just wait what happen next!

Stay tuned for more latest updates!

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