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Will Garena Free Fire Get Banned in India?

Certain rumours spread on the internet and social media that Garena Free Fire will get banned in India. Players could not access the Free Fire game in the early morning of 12th February, 2022. And later, Free Fire and Free Fire Max titles were removed from the Appstore of Apple.

On the same day, Garena Free Fire is also removed from the Google Playstore without any official explanation. However, Garena Free Fire max is still available on the play store.

Free Fire fans, players and YouTubers are reacting to this news continuously. They are sharing their thoughts on this situation, demanding that Garena give their statement on this matter.

Some players can still play Free Fire games on their smartphones. But they cannot install Free Fire from the play store/ app store.

Is Free Fire and Free Fire Max already getting banned In India?

Some people said that there was an error or glitch on the servers of Free Fire that’s why this is happing and some people said Free Fire is going to be banned in India.

So let’s see look at their theories, statement, prediction and proofs.

According to an Instagram post of Viral Gamer ( official esports news page of RVCJ), Free Fire May gets banned in India soon from the official government as per old rule.

After looking for this post, we further searched on this matter, and we got videos of Undergraduate Gamer. Undergraduate Gamer assumed that Garena Free Fire is removed from Playstore and Apple store due to the ongoing war between Krafton and Garena. He said that Krafton filed a lawsuit on Free Fire for copyright.

You can watch his full video here.

There is a strong possibility that Google Playstore and Apple App Store removed this Free Fire because of this issue. However, we can not believe in any theory until the Garena Free Fire officially give their statement on this matter.

So my advice for players is not to delete the Free Fire game from their mobile. If you delete this game from your mobile, you cannot reinstall this game until Free Fire comes back on these stores.

Disclaimer : This article is written by author after reading article of Sportskeeda, watching video of Undergraduate Gamer and by looking at post of viral gamer.

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