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How To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire From the Booyah App?

Free Fire is the most popular game. Everyone wants a diamond. There are many ways to earn free diamonds on your fire game account. In this article, we’ll show you how to get free diamonds on your fire games account. Follow the steps to get the free diamonds from booyah app without spending money! Free Fire is developing popular with the growing number of players. But most of the fans know that they can’t get some rewards that can help them to become pro league players.

What is Booyah?

Booyah is an app that allows gamers to stream any games on Youtube.  Booyah App is an app that lets people watch live streaming video games. Firstly this app was developed for players to create a Free Fire community. Where all the free fire players will play the game & their audience watch them & enjoy them. But, now not only free fire any of the games can be streamed & their viewers can enjoy them. Free Fire offers a wide range of rewards for players, on their way to winning their next battle. The points are used by buying free diamonds and more guns. It will take some time but it’s very worth it.

1. Clips Contest

Don’t miss the chance to get thousands of diamonds for FREE. Firstly join Booyah and make your best video which will be shown as a contest. If you win, you would receive a great prize that is set by Booyah. The more likes you get, the more money you win! But you can win a lot of free stuff if you know how to play the events. Most importantly, look at this event, it is actually very easy to sail. For winning free diamonds in booyah app is a perfect pick. You can now become a pro-streamer.

Follow these 8 easy steps and you’ll be live on Booyah in no time!

1) Firstly, open the advance & easy-to-use Booyah app. Further go to the clips tab

2) Secondly, choose the events tab available at the top

3) Have a look at the unique In-Progress upcoming events

4) Further, click on “More” and then click on the Rules tab

5) You’ll find all the necessary details of the event

6) Click on the “Join Now” and you’ll be join

7) After joining, follow the event rules and keep updating the perfect clips that match the event

2. Watch To Win Event

Secondly, the watch to win the event is one of the most held events in Booyah! During this event, viewers have to watch a short video and then buy or close the ad window. Watching ads can give you free rewards for instance balloons, balls, and other gift cards. And the chance of getting high-quality rewards in this event is very high. Therefore Booyah tickets are not that valuable for most users.  Most importantly, if you want to win something worth some money! So, you must take part in Booyah events that have higher monetary rewards.

3. Livestream Drops

Drops are a great way for streamers to monetize their streams by giving their viewers the chance to win rewards for watching their content. And this feature is very helpful in attracting viewers to watch the stream for a longer time. In this feature, the most famous live streamers set some rewards & prizes. However with a timer and also set some conditions to win them. On the other hand, if you follow all the rules to win the prize, then you’ll get your rewards.

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