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Free Fire Light Fest Event: Free Bundles, Skins and More

In this October month, events are raining into the Free Fire game, players will get a lot of free rewards in these events. Here we are discussing the Free Fire Light Fest Event, which comes at the time of Diwali. 

Diwali event in Free Fire is a popular event that brings many premium rewards, including a magic cube. We will reveal all the exclusive rewards for Free Fire MAx Light Fest Event. Check out these rewards in the later part of this article.

Light Fest Event Calendar

Free Fire reveals the Light Fest event calendar; according to the calendar, this event starts on the 7th of October and will run till the 28th of October. Here is the full calendar of Light Fest calendar; you can plan to check all the details in this calendar.

free fire light fest calendar

Free Emotes

For free, you can get four emotes during this event; it will not require diamonds. Here is the list of four emotes.

  • FFWS 2021 emote
  • Great Conductor emote
  • One-Finger Pushup emote
  • Let’s Go emote

All these emotes are the most popular and rare emote in Free Fire. So this is a huge chance to get these emotes for free.

Roaring Knight Bundle

This new black and golden roaring knight bundle are also available in this event as a reward for Free Fire players. This bundle looks cool, and you can have this bundle if you complete the event.

Legendary Gun skins

This is your chance to get these legendary gun skins from the mega event. Luckily, Free Fire brings AWM skin to the event, and this is one of Free Fire’s most legendary gun skins in 2022.

  • Vector skin – FFWS 2021
  • Kingfisher skin – Moonlight Ballad
  • AWM skin – Wavebreaker Kaze
  • M1014 skin – Enhanced Armor

Jolly Lorry Gloo Wall

The Jolly Lorry Gloo Wall has a unique design; a truck appears on the gloo wall; it looks cartoonish, but to be honest, it looks fabulous. 

Magic Cube

Free Fire follows a trend of giving one free magic cube at every Diwali event, but this time they are giving two free magic cubes. This is excellent news for Free Fire lovers.

Free Pets

Players can get two free pets in this event names of these pets are Agent Hop and Finn. These two pets are fantastic, and their ability helps players in-game.

Tell us in the comment section about the reward you are eagerly waiting for.

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