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5 Simple Ways To Level Up in Free Fire for Beginners 2022

This blog mentions the five simple ways to level up your Free Fire account. These are the proven ways for a beginner player looking to increase his level in Free Fire.

Many beginner players are struggling to increase their level up. They found it very difficult. On the other hand, pro players can quickly move to the higher level in Free Fire.

Here in this blog, I mention the five most proven ways to increase your levels quickly in Free Fire.

EXP Cards

If you look to increase your level quickly, then EXP cards will help you. EXP cards are 2x your experience points. Go to the power section, where you will find these experience cards.

Playing Ranked Matches

Ranked matches give the highest experience points to the players. You should play more ranked matches to get these points. While playing ranked matches ensures to survive till the end of the game and try to kill the enemies that came in your way.

Don’t go in a rush to kill enemies. Try to survive till the last. It will give you more EXP points than getting high kills.

Remember, survival skills matter more in ranked matches than a high number of kills.

Completing Daily Missions

Daily missions and weekly missions can help you to get experience points. These activities are like daily login, playing games in different modes, spending higher times in-game, etc.

And easy to complete for beginner players. You can check these missions or activities by clicking on the fourth option of the right corner.

Increasing Win Percentage

Win percentage also impacts your levels in Free Fire. You can collect more experience points if you win more games. So try to improve your gameplay so that you can also increase your win percentage.

Through Diamond Top-up

Garena Free Fire loves to see that players purchase diamonds. They also reward those who consistently top up diamonds by giving them experience points. Buying a diamond is the fastest but costliest way to increase your level up in Free Fire.

However, I would never recommend you to use this trick just for leveling up.

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