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How To Earn Diamonds in Free Fire 2023

This article is fully dedicated to ways to earn diamonds in Free Fire. Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire, and with the help of diamonds, players can purchase in-game items like characters, bundles, guns skins, weapons, pets, and other things. 

Players can purchase diamonds in Free Fire through Google credit or buy them using Free Fire diamond top-up apps. 

But in this blog, I will tell you the three best ways to earn diamonds in Free Fire in 2022. 

Win Diamonds in Booyah 

Free Fire’s official live streaming platform Booyah rewards its users for watching videos. This app gives many popular Free Fire items like characters, gun skins, pets, glu wall, and bundles. Besides these rewards, Booyah also gives Free Fire diamonds to its users.

To avail of these rewards, a user needs to spend ten to thirty minutes watching live streaming in this app. However, it is an effortless task for all of you because Booyah partners with many popular content creators to stream their gameplay on its app. 

You can watch live streaming of Opg Cookie, ME gamer, Raistar, and many more.

Earn Free Fire diamonds in Rooter

Rooter is the latest live streaming platform for royale mobile battle games like Free Fire BGMI, PUBG, COD, Minecraft, and Valorant. This app is also similar to Booyah, and it offers content creators to monetize their channel to earn money. 

It also gives users a chance to earn money by just watching Livestream, downloading, and performing other simple tasks. 

Rooter gives its users Paytm coupon codes, Free Fire diamonds, BGMI UC, Mincoins, Valorant VP, and Steam Code. You can download this app through this link, so download now and earn Free Fire diamonds. Many Booyah do a diamond giveaway live streaming, and they give free diamonds to their viewers.

Get Extra Diamonds From Winzo 

Winzo is the favorite app of Free Fire players to top up diamonds in Free Fire. There are numerous reasons why players choose this app over any other app to purchase diamonds. Winzo offers 20 to 30% extra diamonds to players on their purchases. 

During the sale, it also gives double diamonds. 

Winzo regularly organizes giveaways of diamonds and some of the famous Free Fire characters like DJ Alok and Chrono.


In the above paragraphs I gave you three apps to earn diamonds. These apps are legit and trustable according to my research. However I urge you to research more about this apps before using them. I have one more request to our dear readers, don’t spend money to buy fancy items on mobile games. If you really want to purchase them then try to find free ways or earn money through apps to spend money on games.

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